Whitepapers : System Engineering (SysML)

Process For Selecting A SysML Tool

This process for Selecting Engineering Tools will give the reader an understanding of the process the authors followed to select a SysML software application tool. SAND2006-0478 "COTS Software Selection Process" was used as a starting point. The authors extended the previous methodology and chose to use two Six Sigma tools, Pugh Matrix diagram and Pairwise Comparison diagram, to aid in the selection of the SysML tool.

In addition to selecting a SysML tool for use at Sandia National Laboratories (SNL), the authors were tasked with implementing and managing the tool on both the unclassified and classified computer networks at SNL.

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SysML Temperature Regulation Loop

This document demonstrates an example of a temperature regulation loop, developed with the SysML (System Modeling Language) plug-in of MagicDraw. It introduces and describes the different specific diagrams used in SysML (Requirement, Block Definitio, Internal Block, and Parametric diagrams) as well as the specific SysML features (blocks, flow ports, value types, items flow, etc.). This document also provides guidelines for the creation of a SysML model and the utilization of the specific SysML features using MagicDraw 15.5 with the SysML 15.5 plug-in.

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Design of Inverted Pendulum System Using SysML

In this paper, SysML (System Modeling Language) has been used to design the inverted pendulum system whose pendulum is controlled to remain upright by a feedback controller. We use a state-space model to design our feedback controller and perform simulation to ensure that the designed controller gain can be used to meet the required response. The result of this work shows that SysML is very helpful for the system engineer to design a complex system, especially a heterogeneous system.

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