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Using ParaMagic and SysML in Combination with UPDM

An approach is proposed that uses UPDM for “big picture” specification of defense systems in combination with SysML for parametric simulation of specific scenarios and use cases. We consider an example of a MagicDraw UPDM model of a reconnaissance-and-response system for hostile missile launches, with two SysML models that calculate system performance against specific kinds of threats. Our example also includes the use of Cameo Requirements Plus for scenario storyboarding at the use case development stage. The MagicDraw ParaMagic plug-in connects the SysML models with Microsoft Excel®, MATLAB® and Mathematica®to initialize, execute, report and visualize the simulation results.

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Using ParaMagic for Requirements Checking in SysML Models

Requirements checking is an on-going and time-consuming activity in systems engineering. This application note illustrates how SysML parametrics execution, using the ParaMagic plug-in for MagicDraw, can build automatic verification in for quantitative requirements. An example is created for a bicycle frame, where ParaMagic is used to calculate frame dimensions, weight, strength and cost, and to compare these against systems requirements imported into MagicDraw from Cameo Requirements Plus.

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Using ParaMagic for Integrating Legacy Models with SysML

Most organizations develop a variety of models in a variety of modeling and simulation tools to describe parts of their system and have made significant investments in developing and validating those models. SysML parametrics offers an efficient and straightforward approach to integrating these legacy models as part of a larger system model. In this application note, we illustrate how the ParaMagic plug-in for MagicDraw can tie together economic, environmental, and cost models implemented in MATLAB® in a SysML model describing a regional energy system. SysML parametrics allow key variables such as price and demand to be exchanged between models, while detailed calculations are performed within modular MATLAB functions. Microsoft Excel® is used to feed initial conditions into the MagicDraw model and to report and graph results.

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