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I have no possibility to display the names of transitions in the State Machine diagram. The option "show name" in the context menu of the transition doesn't work.

The name of the transition (the value of the name property) is never shown in diagram - this has no semantic meaning. Instead, you can specify e.g. a signal, that triggers the transition. In this case the name of the trigger is displayed. If trigger name is not specified, signal name is displayed. If start typing on a transition, the signal with the name is typed will be created Automatically and the trigger will reference that signal.

A trigger defines types of events that can initiate a transition between states. An event is anything that can happen in a system: signal sent by some behavior, a call to a specific operation, reaching a point in time, a change in values within the system, etc. In other words, the formally defined list of possible events is enough for modeling state machine transitions using UML. A transition has to know of some event (indirectly), it cannot be fired by a trigger alone.

Transition signature defined in section 15.3.14 of UML 2.2 is as follows:

::= [ [',' ]* ['[' ']'] ['/' ]]

However, trigger is a non-terminal and its production rule is described in section "13.3.31 Trigger" (UML 2.2):

::= | | | |

Production rules for call-event, signal-event, any-receive-event, time-event and change-event are described in sections 13.3.6, 13.3.25, 13.3.1, 13.3.27, 13.3.7 respectively:

::= ['(' [ ] ')']

::= ['(' [ ] ')']

::= 'all'

::= |

::= 'after'

::= 'at'

::= 'when'

As can be seen, trigger names are never used in transition labeling. Instead, names of the referenced elements are used.

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