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How could I change the symbol style?

There are several ways to change the symbol style. For this purpose you can use:

- Buttons on the Diagram toolbar
- Project Options dialog
- Symbol Properties dialog

Using buttons on Diagram toolbar

There are buttons in the diagram toolbar designed to modify a symbol style.

Set Selected Symbol Style as Default. If you select a symbol, for example, class A and click this button, a current class symbol style will be set as default for all new classes in the project.

Apply Default Symbol Style. If you select a symbol and click this button, a default style will be applied to the symbol.

Select All of the Same type. If you want to select on a diagram all symbols of the same type, click only one symbol as an example of the type and then click this button. All symbols of this type will be selected. Once all symbols of the same type are selected, you could apply changes, for example, a new default style to all of them at one go.

NOTE: If you can not see these buttons, please, switch your perspective to the Expert mode (on the main menu, click Options > Perspectives > Perspectives and select the Expert check box in the Select Perspective dialog).

Using Project Options dialog

1. On the main menu, click Options > Project. The Project Options dialog will open.
2. In the Project Options tab tree, select Symbols properties styles > Default, expand Default if needed, and then click the appropriate node: Shapes, Paths, Diagram, or Stereotypes. If you want to change style of a particular shape or path, expand the Shapes or Paths node, and select the desired symbol, for example, the actor or link.
3. Edit property values in the pane on the right.
4. When you have finished, do any of the following:
- If you need to apply changes to the project, click the Apply button. The list of diagrams wherein the symbol style changes can be applied will open. Select diagrams (use CTRL or SHIFT keys for multiple selection) you need and click OK. Then click OK to close the Project Options dialog.
- If you do not need to apply changes right now, click OK to close the Project Options dialog. The new style properties will be saved and set as default.

Using Symbol Properties dialog

1. Select a symbol and open the Symbol Properties dialog (right-click on the symbol and select Symbol(s) Properties or press ENTER+ALT). 2. Edit symbol property values (see figure bellow). 3. Select the Make Defaultcheck box before closing the dialog (see figure bellow), and all symbols of this type in the same diagram will be in the new style.

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