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Save, Load, Import, Export

You should copy all contents from old version projects folder to new version projects folder. If projects do not show up, copy the complete projects directory into the same location by creating all new projects and then importing the latest file.

Use project import feature. After importing a project you will have to remove unnecessary elements by hand. If the imported project is very large, it will not be very convenient. Thus, large project should be divided into logical modules and only specific modules with needed diagrams should be imported.

Such problem really exists and will be fixed in future releases.

As a workaround we suggest to save your diagrams as SVG and then use free Inkscape editor ( to export diagrams as hi-res png.

This is known problem. Your model and diagrams are ok, the only thing, which could not be restored, is layout of MagicDraw windows inside application. Such things can happen when project is saved and then loaded on computers which has different resolution or different windows management system.

Usually this error does not appear any more after save and load. If it still exists after save/load, please send us md.log file from the user home/.magicdraw directory (the info about where the MagicDraw configuration files are located, you may find in the About screen).

This is a know problem of Mac Word. Still we don't know when it will be fixed.

It is not recommended to use the following fonts for diagram saving as .eps, .emf, and .wmf:

Default, Dialog, DialogInput, Monospaced, SansSerif, and Serif.

Up to MagicDraw 10.0 version, XMI v1.0, v.1.1 and v1.2 load, save and import is supported.

Beginning with MagicDraw 10.0 XMI 2.1 is supported. And only model load from XMI 1.0 - 1.2.

But if you are trying to open an Unisys XMI 1.1 (XMI v1.1 with Unisys extensions), it is not supported by MagicDraw, only Unisys XMI 1.0 can be loaded.

Project files saved with MagicDraw version 17.0.1 or later cannot be opened with MagicDraw version 17.0 or earlier. Moreover, as of version 17.0.1, the project file inner structure has been changed.

Usually, projects of all MagicDraw versions are not backward compatible.

Please note that once a project file is saved with v17.0.1 for the first time, the backup file of a project created with an earlier program version is created automatically. The backup file is stored in the same location as the project file. While saving the project created with program version earlier than 17.0.1, a warning about the file format incompatibility appears.

Warnings about the file format incompatibility also appear when MagicDraw is downloading or updates automatically.

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