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MagicDraw does not start on Mac OS X Sierra from a no install file using the .app file. What is a solution for it?

Mac OS X Sierra has an updated gatekeeper policy. It says that all applications which are downloaded in .zip/iso files are not secure because of the dylib-hijacking problem.
(Please find more about it at
All not secure programs, including the .app part of the application are moved to a temporary directory (quarantine), in other words, the application is improperly located and can not be started.

The solutions are:

  1. To run file from the  /bin directory.
  2. To download the original signed MagicDraw.dmg file and to install the application again.
  3. To remove the program from quarantine.

To remove the application from quarantine, please do:

  1. Open a terminal.
  2. Using the terminal, open the MagicDraw installation directory.
  3. Write the command: xattr -d
  4. Close the terminal and start MagicDraw using the .app file.

NOTE: This issue is fixed for the 18.4 SP1 and 18.0 SP6 versions.

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