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When we try to start the cameo vendor daemon, we get the error:(lmgrd) cameo using TCP-port 0 (cameo) tcp_s is bad!!! EXITING (cameo) DUE TOSIGNAL 28 Exit reason 5

Such an error appears when demo daemon, included in the license server installation, has expired

Please remove the demo daemon from the server and try again. There are couple few ways to do so:

  • You can remove it from server graphical interface side, or
  • Directly from server.xml file side. Do as following:
  1. In order to start the server without demo daemon, first remove daemon from the server.xml file. This file you can found in the platform directory "conf" folder.
  2. Remove the line: <daemon dateBasedVersion="false" dlog="false" executable="demo/demo" license="demo/demo.lic" logFile="logs/demo.log" logOverwrite="false" name="demo" port="0" restartRetries="3"/>
  3. Start license server again.
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