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Floating License (v16.6 and earlier)

Login with the purchaser's username and password, click on license list, and download from there (or get keys from there).

1. Stop the Floating License Server.

2. Edit file by adding -Djava.rmi.server.hostname=localhost to the line JAVA_ARGS. This prevents from direct connecting from client to server (skipping ssh tunnel).

3. Start the FLoating License Server using run_server_nogui.exe.

4. On the client side, run command line: ssh -L 1099:host:1099 user@host. Host here is a hostname of the Floating License Server.

5. Run a client. For a server address, use localhost:1099.

Limitation of such configuration is that all clients should use ssh tunneling.

Since MagicDraw v12.0, Floating License server supports 12.0 and higher MagicDraw clients versions.

For example FL v14.0 can work with v. 12.0, v12.5, and v14.0 clients.

You must have administrator rights to add an NT service.

Flexera software lmadmin FAQ is available at > Documentation section > lmadmin Migration FAQ.

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