Software Assurance/Maintenance Contracts

The Software Assurance/Maintenance Contract (SA) provides the ability to receive the latest releases of No Magic products, service packs as well as technical support. If you currently own copies of No Magic products, the simplest way to obtain the latest releases, service packs and immediate technical support is to have an active SA contract. You may either purchase SA valid for a year from date of product purchase or buy multiple year SA, i.e. 2009-2011.

Discounts are available for purchasing the next year’s SA before your present contract expires. Contact your personal sales executive for SA.

* Please note that the license price does not include the cost of the first year's mandatory Software Assurance

Software Assurance (SA) includes:

Technical Support Availability to technical support within business hours with 24-48 hours response time based on support level. We provide professional online support with trouble ticket status tracking.
Software Update The most cost-effective method to be continually up-to-date is by purchasing SA for each owned license. Typically there are at least 2-3 releases each year along with multiple service packs.
Maintenance During the support period, you can also report any software problems or errors. If it is determined that a reported reproducible issue in the software exists that significantly impacts the usability of the software, No Magic agrees to make reasonable efforts to provide a usable work-around solution or to correct the issue in an upcoming maintenance release or update.


We offer a discount when you purchase your next year’s Software Assurance/Maintenance Contract before your present contract expires.

How to get a Software Assurance Contract

Contact your personal sales executive for SA.

MagicDraw auto update – finding out about new available versions and patches

MagicDraw has Auto update possibility, which allows automatically to go online to check available updates and insure that you are always using the latest version of MagicDraw. As specified below, three autoupdate results are possible:

  1. There is a new version available and you own a Software Assurance Contract. You will be advised to update.
  2. There is a new service pack or patch available. If there is a patch available for the MagicDraw version owned, then MagicDraw will ask you if you like to download and apply a new patch.
  3. There is a new version or service pack available and you do not own a Software Assurance Contract. Then you will be advised to either contact our sales office or visit our web site to purchase a Software Assurance contract for each license you own.
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