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Teamwork Cloud

Teamwork Cloud
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Teamwork Cloud is No Magic's next generation repository for collaborative development and version model storage. It is envisioned and architected to provide significant future improvements in the areas of model-governance, model analysis and integration with third-party tools. As the name suggest, this server is Cloud-ready, that can be deployed on a local hardware (VM) or on a Cloud.

Among the major new features are Element-level versioning and Role Based Access Control that enables efficient management of users' access rights across the enterprise. Because distributed systems can be challenging to administer, we have built a convenient web-based administrative interface. This provides a single way to manage user accounts, access control, LDAP integration, secured connection, and project configuration.

Teamwork Cloud is designed from the ground up to support working with large models. The efficient delta-based protocol is used when users commit and retrieve updates to a model saving time for users who access the repository through poor network connections. Likewise, as the amount of data that is transmitted depends only on the size of a change being made, users who work on this server will find it easy to exchange data with team members directly. Teamwork Cloud provides a central repository for storing any type of Cameo and MagicDraw models. Keeping data in Teamwork Cloud, team members can read and modify the same model or even the same diagram at the same time.

Teamwork Cloud Advantages Versus Teamwork Server

FeatureTeamwork ServerTeamwork Cloud
Repository type File-based Distributed DB
Permission System Individual Permissions Role-Based Access Control
Package-level Permissions - +
Server Administration via admin console,
requires Administrator user only
via web,
any user with special permissions
Authentication Native and LDAP Native, LDAP, or SAML 2.0
High Availability - +
Scalability - + Delta-based protocol, Scales to multi-node Cluster
Performance in slow networks - + Performance chart available
Delta commits/updates - + Only delta is transferred during commit/update
Element History Comparer - + (via MagicDraw)
Local Changes Browser
- + (via MagicDraw)
Suspect Links
- + (via MagicDraw)
Server API - + (via Client API)
- +
OSLC - Coming soon

Teamwork Cloud Performance Versus Teamwork Server

chart tc lan performance
Teamwork Cloud significantly outperforms Teamwork Server on a local network,
allowing companies to create larger projects without sacrificing performance due to project size.
chart tc wan performance
Teamwork Cloud also has performance advantages in slow networks.
chart tc merge performance
Teamwork Cloud also has performance advantages for Merge operation.
For more information or a quote
please contact
or call +1-214-291-9100.