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Cameo Workbench


Cameo® Workbench - this optional product enhances Cameo Inter-Op by providing customers control of their own interoperability destiny by being a platform to wire up their own connectors or tweak our supplied mappings to interoperate with other product formats.

Integrating existing models requires knowledge of how those models were made, and how that information will be used.

Some standardized integrations can be done, but must allow for customized integrations based on the specific end-user's processes & procedures.

This is why NoMagic provides out-of-the-box integrations but also an open Workbench to customize those integrations as well as create new ones.

cameo workbench mdworkbench chart noteCameo Workbench is aimed at the process owner. It is a "Workbench" for creating integrations, with the ability to deploy them into Cameo Inter-Op for 1 click execution by end-users.

Cameo Workbench is an open environment to create customized mappings between models, and define additional applications and formats to integrate.

cameo workbench model mapping

Cameo Workbench interoperability approach is based on a set of adapters:

Separated approach between the data access (I/O) and the required transformation(s)

  1. Data models (metamodels) to abstract semantic (instead of syntax views)
  2. Accessors to enable tools access (read/write) in multiple, reusable ways and feed models (conforming to previous data models)
  3. Rules for semantic mapping (data transformation)
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