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Cameo Inter-Op


What is interoperability and why is it important to you? Interoperability is the ability for a system or a product to work with other systems or products with little effort from the end user. Cameo® Inter-Op has been developed by No Magic to allow MagicDraw and certain competitive products to communicate with each other and share data. For too long, vendor lockin has prevented customers from achieving true interoperability where data from one product may be converted to another product.

Whether you own Rhapsody or System Architect, these products will easily communicate and share data with MagicDraw. Cameo Inter-Op is an integral part of No Magic’s Cameo Suite, providing true interoperability to customers by enabling connectivity between vendors. First initiated via Cameo DataHub, No Magic extends the MagicDraw interoperability capability to UML modeling management using Cameo Inter-Op.

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Cameo Inter-Op speeds up the development of UML models by using a two-way bridge between MagicDraw and competitive modeling tools. No longer will different tools used by different teams or contributors be a bottleneck in project execution and collaboration.

Cameo Inter-Op provides customers both import and export functionality between MagicDraw® and IBM Rational® Rhapsody, or MagicDraw and System Architect. Cameo Inter-Op supports both semantics and diagrams, ensuring data integrity is maintained between MagicDraw and these products.

Key Business Benefits

  • Shorten development time: Cameo Inter-Op helps to eliminate disconnected processes by bridging domains that were not in sync because of differing tools
  • Flexible solutions: no need to make drastic choices and unify all tools; smooth transition is possible, re-use of data is guaranteed
  • Optimize resources: different tools work seamlessly, thus developers can execute using their preferred environment, and focusing on projects and best practices instead of learning new systems
  • Reduce development costs: leveraging MagicDraw and Rhapsody, System Architect licenses
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