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Cameo E2E Bridge

Cameo E2E Bridge

Cameo E2E Bridge Simplified

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Client Testimonials

    • We are familiar with over 30 integration products. Not one of them comes even close to the cost savings of the E2E Bridge® with its unique approach. B2Bnet would have been a lot more difficult to develop and operate without E2E. Our technicians love it.Henri Spinnler
    • Process integration & automation are essential growth engines. With E2E we have the perfect partner to stay in control as we re-wire our business processes.Fernand Portenier
      Head of IT
    • With its highly efficient approach E2E did the impossible: bringing the retail services of SBC and UBS together and automate all back-office procedures in record time.Werner Bruderer
      Managing Director
      Head of Marketing Technology
    • A few days before going live, we had to upgrade our Order Management System. With a traditional approach, such a last minute change would have caused 3-4 months delay. The E2E Bridge® allowed us to go live as originally planned.Markus Witschi
      Operations Manager
      SME Business Unit
      Swisscom (Schweiz) AG
    • The high ROI was decisive in the selection of E2E. This unique approach will lead to substantial productivity gains for the entire organization – for years to come.Robert Redl
      Head of Marketing Technology
      EVN AG
    • 40% less integration cost, SAP 5x more rapidly integrated and everything operational according to business plan.Laurent Christen
      Head of Direct Sales
      Nikon Europe BV
    • The E2E Bridge® allows Swisscom to reach all its business objectives without compromise – and in record time! This is exactly the level of business agility we were looking for.Markus Witschi
      Operations Manager
      SME Business Unit
      Swisscom (Schweiz) AG
    • Direct Model Execution enables unprecedented enterprise agility. Thanks to the E2E Bridge®, we now have a completely clear path from process to application. For the first time ever, business and IT are totally aligned via ONE shared executable blueprint.Daniel Seiler
      Finance Director
      Intrum Justitia D-A-CH
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