Other No Cost Add-ons

*Requires MagicDraw Standard, Professional, Architect or Enterprise Editions

Plugin NameDescriptionAuthor
Strict UML XMI Exporter plugin Strict UML XMI Exporter plugin exports project into a clean and stringent UML XMI file format, removing any tool-specific extensions and profile usages. The degree of cleaning can be adjusted by editing configuration file. No Magic
CPU Memory Profiler Plugin CPU & Memory Profiler performs dynamic No Magic product analysis in real time. It helps to locate and diagnose performance issues. The results of the analysis in the form of the profiler report can be sent for further investigation to the No Magic support team. No Magic
RM-ODP Plugin RM-ODP plugin facilitates the development of ODP systems specifications according to the guidelines provided by the ISO and ITU-T UML4ODP standard. University of Cordoba, Spain
SoaML Profile Service oriented architecture Modeling Language (SoaML) profile.The goals of SoaML are to support the activities of service modeling and design and to fit into an overall model-driven development. No Magic
Enterprise Architect Import Plugin MagicDraw has the capability to import UML models that conform to various XMI versions (including XMI 2.1) from other tools. Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect (EA) is one of those tools. EA provides a XMI export functionality which makes it possible to export UML2.1(XMI2.1). However, the XMI exported from EA contains some XMI conflicts and EA-specific data that do not conform to UML standards. The main purposes of Enterprise Architect Import Plugin are thus to solve XMI conflicts between EA and MagicDraw that cause problems when loading the XMI to MagicDraw and also to transform some EA-specific data to the form of UML elements with stereotypes. No Magic
UML 2 to UML 1.4 Exporter UML 2 to UML 1.4 Exporter allows you to integrate MagicDraw (10.0 - 11.5) with the external tools that can only handle UML 1.4 model instances (for example code generators, AndroMDA older versions, OpenArchitectureWare). The plugin exports only static class diagram elements from UML 2 projects into UML 1.4 XMI 1.1. Diagraming information is not exported. Constantin Szallies
MagicDraw Project Converter The MagicDraw Project Converter allows converting the project files of MagicDraw 9.x or earlier version to MagicDraw 17.0 version files and opening it with newest MagicDraw version. No Magic
EstimIX EstimIX plug-in allows the effort estimating early in the lifecycle. EstimIX implements Karner's 'Use Case Points Method', that is based on use cases. Use cases and actors are part of use case model in MagicDraw project. EstimIX will calculate total effort for selected package (and optionally for all subpackages) in MagicDraw project. You can print a report that contains total effort and all technical and environmental factors. Use cases and actors can be filtered, for example use case that is abstract will not be estimated. All values (use case and actors complexity, project's technical and environmental factors, weights and method's constants) are stored in MagicDraw project. Komix s.r.o.
ExtendIX The ExtendIX plug-in allows you to work with UML extension elements (stereotypes, tags, constraints) in a tabular form. The tabular form is very suitable for requirements management and also for the tracking of development progress and testing – always when you need to filter and sort information in various ways and when you need to work with many attributes or define your own ones. You do not need to synchronize data with other special tools – everything is integrated into one tool. All the information is saved in a MagicDraw project in the XMI format. Komix s.r.o.
VeTIS plug-in: from SBVR to UML&OCL MagicDraw VeTIS plug-in includes VeTIS editor for editing SBVR Business Vocabularies and Business Rules and transforming SBVR specifications into UML&OCL class models. It allows to specifying SBVR Business Vocabularies and Business Rules in Controlled English Language and automatically obtaining PIM (Platform Independent Model). You can install the plug-in by simply placing the folder org.vetis.md in your ProgramFiles/ MagicDraw …/plugins directory along with other MagicDraw plug-ins. The VeTIS plug-in can be used with MagicDraw versions 16.0 and up. Besides VeTIS plug-in, VeTIS User Guide and example of SBVR Vocabulary, you can download video-tutorial (from the “View on-line Demo” page). Kaunas University of Technology, Department of Information Systems
SYSMOD SYSMOD is a pragmatic approach to model systems from analysis to design. It provides a toolbox of tasks with input and output work products, guidelines and best practices. SYSMOD uses the systems modeling language (SysML). The process is introduced in the book Systems Engineering with SysML/UML by Tim Weilkiens. Resource provides SYSMOD profile, template, diagrams and user manual. Tim Weilkiens
FAS - Functional Architectures for Systems The FAS plugin for MagicDraw supports the FAS method (www.fas-method.org). "FAS" means "Functional Architectures for Systems". The FAS method provides a systematic way of deriving functional architectures from use cases. The FAS plugin for MagicDraw provides automation of trivial, but modeling-intense steps involved in proceeding according to the method. Its purpose is to support the architect in modeling tasks, allowing him to stay focused on the decisions that require his expertise. Gesellschaft für Systems Engineering e.V. (GfSE)
Model Obfuscator Plugin Model Obfuscator plugin is used to obfuscate confidential data (texts or images) in the local project for sending it to No Magic support when reporting related issue. The obfuscation process changes user project data strings to random strings (e.g. class name "User_login" will be changed to "xcolnyrwxx") and saves it as a new project. No Magic
Document Modeling Plugin The main purpose of Document Modeling plugin is to assist for modeling the document structure. This plugin is familiar to system engineers as concepts from the OMG SysML standard are used. The plugin is designed not only for systems engineers, but also for systems analysts, systems architects, or other persons who need to model a document structure for the specific project. The Document Modeling Plugin allows reviewing prepared document structure in the document preview dialog save document in the .pdf, .html, or .xml file formats.
Note: This is a technology preview of the document modeling functionality. It is not intended for use in the production environment. Please explore this new technology, experiment with it, and get back to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your feedback and suggestions about possible improvements or features you are missing. We seek to create the most serviceable tools possible, therefore we welcome and appreciate your contribution!
No Magic
Excel Import Excel Import is a data bridge that imports data from a file to create a class and automatic create instance specification(s), and export a class and its instance specification(s) to a file. No Magic
Cameo E2E Builder The Cameo E2E Builder allows you to create models and specifications and execute them with a high-performance, enterprise-class virtual machine for BPMN and UML. E2E Technologies Ltd
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