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Teamcenter Integration


The No Magic Siemens Teamcenter integration is the result of the longstanding collaboration between Siemens PLM and No Magic, Inc.

In July, 2015 No Magic became a foundation partner of Siemens PLM, and is the partner for UML/SysML capabilities. No Magic is also integral to Siemens PLM Systems Engineering (Systems Driven Product Development (SDPD)) Strategy. As noted by Siemens, UML/SysML is essential to System Driven Product Development, especially in conjunction with current and future automation trends (software centric solutions).

The integration between SysML and PLM is achieved in the context of systems engineering formalization driven by MBSE. Formalization in systems engineering enables the automation of data interchange between SE and other disciplines.

plm teamcenter magicdraw and siemensThe Convergence of PLM and MagicDraw
A collaborative toolset for automatic data interchange

  • Model Lifecycle Management
  • Bidirectional Data Synchronization
  • Out-of-the-Box and Customizable Mapping
  • Functional and Requirements Analysis Using Analysis Request
  • Active Workspace Integration
  • Compare and Sync Manager

No Magic is a foundation partner of Siemens PLM, the partner for UML/SysML and part of Siemens PLM Systems Engineering (Systems Driven Product Development) Strategy

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