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ParaMagic® plugin for MagicDraw makes SysML models come alive! By executing constraint relationships in SysML parametric diagrams, systems engineers can run simulations and trade studies for complex systems from concept through final test. Mathematica® and PlayerPro® (Wolfram Research), OpenModelica®, and MATLAB® Symbolic Math Toolbox™ (MathWorks) can be used as math solvers. Links between SysML and Excel® make it easy to import and export data, generate SysML instances, and create reports and generate graphs and charts. Existing models in tools like MATLAB®, Simulink®, and Mathematica® can be easily wrapped as SysML constraint blocks and incorporated in the simulation.

Engineers and analysts used to working on individual spreadsheets now have a collaborative tool to synchronize their efforts using the best model-based systems engineering practices. In both traditional and non-traditional domains of system engineering, users can explore system performance, verify requirements, estimate cost, allocate resources, and keep diverse models in sync. Developers leveraging MagicDraw's UPDM and business modeling capabilities can add parametric simulation using SysML sub-models for defense planning, business process analysis and computational finance.

NEW: Starting with ParaMagic® 18.0, users can get Wolfram Player Pro math solver bundled with ParaMagic® plugin at a very low incremental price. Alternatively, users who need the full power of Mathematica front end can get Mathematica bundled with ParaMagic® plugin at a discounted incremental price. Click the Features tab to learn more or contact your No Magic account executive for more details.

ParaMagic® is developed by and is a registered trademark of our partner InterCAX LLC.

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