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Cameo Requirements Modeler Plugin


The Cameo Requirements Modeler plugin integrates with other products to work with requirements no matter whether you are gathering them, importing from other tools, managing, publishing, analyzing or linking to other models as needed by your business processes, designs or test cases. All of this is available out of the box with this plugin for full model-based requirements engineering support.

The plugin implements the requirements part of the OMG SysML standard and provides a means to import and manage requirements in the model. Requirements Interchange Format (ReqIF) makes the plugin open for requirements interchange among different requirements management tools, including IBM DOORS, PTC Integrity, Polarion, and Siemens Teamcenter.

This product is designed for software engineers, business analysts and business architects, and other users, who need requirement support to ensure traceability from requirements to other model parts. This product is bundled as a part of the solution for systems engineers (Cameo Systems Modeler) and enterprise architects (Cameo Enterprise Architecture) and is available as a plugin for MagicDraw.

Model-based requirements engineering stands in the heart of any software or system modeling project bringing values:

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Seamless traceability to designs and test cases and easy change impact analysis Improved your team communication with simple and standard notation, clear diagrams, web portal, live requirements coverage metrics and generated requirements reports Increased quality of your requirements due to the automatic validation and better structuring of your requirements Saved time and resources by working with single integrated product for requirements, processes, and design Easy extensibility to fit your needs

Problem solved

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GAP between text based requirements and architecture in the model is the major problem this plugin and model-based requirements solves. This GAP solves the following problems:

  1. Complicated workflow working with few products and synchronizing results
  2. Unclear how and which requirements are implemented
  3. Unclear impact of requirements change

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