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Cameo NIEM Plugin

Cameo NIEM Plugin

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niem plugin automating infoNIEM-UML has been recommended for adoption by the Object Management Group Government Domain Task Force and Architecture Board. Approval by the Technical Committee and Board of Directors is expected this summer. No Magic is pleased to be the first to announce tool support with our Cameo NIEM-UML Plugin for Magicdraw. Magicdraw is the UML tool favored by both architects and developers for its standards-compliance, quality and usability.

NIEM-UML offers a standards-based means to reduce the time, cost and learning curve of sharing information with NIEM. The Magicdraw implementation provides modeling support for NIEM and can forward and reverse engineer 100% NIEM conformant IEPDs and reference schema. Once in NIEM-UML, NIEM information models are more easily managed and more intuitive for stakeholders.


NIEM-UML is a new standard being completed in the Object Management Group (OMG) with the support of the NIEM program management office, key NIEM experts and experts in modeling and model driven architecture.

NIEM-UML leverages the highly successful Unified Modeling Language (UML) standard to facilitate NIEM information sharing, reducing cost, time and risk while improving stakeholder engagement and reuse. NIEM-UML enhances the NIEM suite of specifications by providing a standard for:

  • High-level and business focused representations of NIEM using UML
  • A UML "Profile" which tailors UML tools to precisely represent NIEM
  • The NIEM domain and core reference vocabularies as UML models
  • Automated generation of NIEM exchange specifications (Called IEPDs –Information Exchange Package Documentation and MPDs – Model Package Descriptions) from NIEM-UML models, complete with XML Schema, catalogs and documentation
  • Constraints to validate NIEM conformance
  • Support for NIEM naming and design rules (NDR) 1.3 and NIEM Model Package Description (MPD) specification 1.0.
  • Reverse engineering of existing NIEM assets into UML

What is NIEM?

NIEM (National Information Exchange Model) is an end-user driven, federally supported, government-wide initiative for broad-based information exchange. NIEM connects communities of people who share a common need to exchange information in order to advance their missions.

  • A large community with a formal governance process
  • Core and domain specific vocabularies of information exchange elements
  • Detailed XML design rules and packaging specifications for describing information exchanges
  • Training and support
  • Tools for development and discovery
  • Hundreds of existing exchange specifications

NIEM provides federal, state, local and tribal support for the following domains: Biometrics, CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear), Children, Youth and Family Services, Cyber, Emergency Management, Human Services, Immigration, Infrastructure Protection, Intelligence, International Trade and Justice.

Benefits of the Cameo NIEM Plugin

  • Reduces complexity and learning curve
  • Business stakeholder friendly for improved collaboration
  • All core and reference vocabularies included
  • Built-in support for reuse
  • Automated production of NIEM technical artifacts
  • Automated validation of NIEM conformance
  • Full support for all NIEM constructs
  • Integrates with process, services, requirements and other MagicDraw® UML diagrams
  • Based on industry standards with readily available training, resources, tools and expertise
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