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Release of 19.0 LTR beta

No Magic Inc. is pleased to announce the 19.0 Long-Term Release (LTR) beta version of MagicDraw, Cameo System Modeler, Cameo Enterprise Architecture and plugins including Teamwork Cloud.

This release focuses on support of the latest standards, integrations with other engineering products, method support, enterprise level scalability and usability. The release includes:

  • Support for the latest standards – UML 2.5.1, SysML 1.5, and UAF, as well as improved support for the ISO-80000 library
  • Extended OSLC support where it is not only possible to use OSLC data provided by the IBM Jazz platform, but also use OSLC data from any other OSLC provider. It is now possible to easily establish OSLC links from model elements to remote elements or view remote element previews in a modeling environment
  • Siemens Teamcenter integration (as a plugin), complementing Teamcenter with UML/SysML modeling capabilities provided by MagicDraw
  • An Excel/CSV synchronization mechanism which ensures continuous work with Excel/CSV files through MagicDraw tables
  • MagicGrid – the method created by No Magic, Inc. which describes how to perform problem domain analysis and produce a system design from stakeholder needs creation to system design verification
  • Enhancements in collaboration: cross-project refactoring, easier management of project usages, shelving of changes, hiding packages for controlling what part of the project is visible in other projects, and cloning of projects
  • Supporting of Cassandra 3.11 in the server side

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