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No Magic Offers New Features and Functionality With Release of Cameo Concept Modeler Service Pack 3

CCM SP3 Plug-in Enhances Productivity and Collaboration Users Model Concepts Via Simplified Ontology Approach

Allen, Texas February 29, 2016 – No Magic, the leading global provider of integrated modeling, simulation and analysis services and solutions, announced today the release of Cameo® Concept Modeler Plug-in (CCM) 18.0 Service Pack 3.

Since the product’s initial release in September 2015, Cameo Concept Modeler offers a user-friendly bridge between modeling and ontology, giving users a means to quickly and easily model concepts without extensive training in formal description logic.

With the release of Service Pack 3, No Magic continues to build a strong relationship with the Financial Industry Business Ontology (FIBO) standardization team at the OMG® and the EDM Council. Service Pack 3 implements the team’s requirements for limited round-tripping of OWL 2 and is ready for use at the head-end of their tool chain.

Importing more details from OWL 2 enables this limited round-tripping, benefiting all CCM users, especially those who work with FIBO ontologies. Thus, users can bridge the gap between the Semantic Web and OMG® ecosystems in our award-winning MagicDraw® platform. This FIBO relationship clearly benefits our financial customers the most, because they can be assured that CCM has been rigorously tested with FIBO ontologies.

SP3 can now import these additional details from OWL 2:

  • Disjoint classes
  • Anonymous unions
  • Inverse properties
  • Property restrictions

No Magic is actively supporting the growing FIBO community, exemplified by the company's participation and upcoming presentation in the FIBO Management and Technical Conference, April 19-20, 2016 in San Diego. Jim Logan, No Magic Principal Architect and CCM Product Manager, will be delivering a presentation at this prestigious event entitled, “Applying FIBO to Architecture: Key Enterprise Benefits realized."

“The financial industry is just one of the many domains where ontology is playing an increasingly important role in the enterprise," said Enrique Krajmalnik, No Magic’s CTO. “Not only does CCM work for importing financial industry business concepts, it supports the import and creation of models of other industry concepts," he added. “The improved documentation, limited round-tripping of OWL 2, import and export improvements, and natural language glossary are perfect examples of this. We take the power and ease of use of our MagicDraw platform and extend it to solve business vocabulary problems,” Enrique said.

Using Cameo Concept Modeler, modelers can create meaningful model elements with a single keystroke. This enables them to focus on the iterative process of developing, analyzing and validating models with subject matter experts.

Cameo Concept Modeler Service Pack 3 offers these new improvements:

OWL Import Improvements

  • Disjoint OWL classes now create a dependency stereotyped as «Disjoint with» between UML classes.
  • An anonymous union now creates a UML class stereotyped as a «Union».
  • An anonymous enumeration data type now creates a UML enumeration named with a UUID.
  • Two inverse properties with opposite domains and ranges now creates UML properties on opposite ends of one association.
  • Two inverse properties without opposite domains and ranges now creates UML properties, with an «Inverse of» stereotyped dependency between them, on two different unidirectional associations.
  • An existential quantification restriction now creates a UML {subsets} constraint on a property.
  • A universal quantification restriction now creates a UML {redefines} constraint on a property.
  • Min and max cardinality restrictions on a property now create a UML multiplicity.
  • A failed import now provides a clickable hyperlink to the log file in the notification window to help the user diagnose problems.

OWL Export Improvements

  • A project option now enables the user to specify a directory for OWL exports.
  • A dependency sterotyped as «Disjoint with» between UML classes creates disjointness axioms in OWL.
  • An enumeration creates a oneOf construct in OWL.

OWL Export:

  • No longer fails when a concept model URL is malformed.
  • No longer fails when a concept model URL ends in a slash.
  • No longer fails to export a Concept Model that is stored in a Teamwork Server or Cameo Enterprise Data Warehouse repository.
  • No longer fails when a UML comment stereotyped as an «Annotation» has no specified annotation property.

Natural Language Glossary:

  • Now uses “(Unnamed Class)” when a class is missing a name.
  • No longer lists a Property Holder or anonymous union as a superclass.
  • No longer combines multiple super classes into one hyperlink.
  • No longer says ‘also’ for optional properties.
  • No longer repeats a property having an enumeration as its type.
  • No longer outputs encoded HTML entities (e.g., “<” instead of an actual less-than sign).

Bug fixes

The CCM SP3 release also contains a number of bug fixes in dragging and dropping, styles and OWL import.

AutoStyler 18.0 SP3

AutoStyler 18.0 SP3 is once again compatible with MagicDraw 18.1.

With Cameo Concept Modeler SP3, users receive AutoStyler 18.0 SP3, a no-charge plug-in. AutoStyler is a very useful CCM plug-in that allows modelers the ability to easily manage the styles of any kind of model diagram in MagicDraw. SP3 enhancements to AutoStyler include: Repairing the styles for text boxes, anchors, comments, and notes no longer fails and showing diagram info no longer fails.

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