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2012 Product News

No Magic is pleased to introduce Cameo NIEM-UML 17.0.2, the standards-based plugin for model driven information sharing. Cameo NIEM-UML is a plugin for the MagicDraw solution, which implements the new “NIEM-UML” standard of the Object Management Group.

NIEM, the National Information Exchange Framework, is an information sharing standard sponsored by the U.S. Government and supported by a large community of agencies, states, local government, tribal government, commercial organizations, developers and users. Cameo NIEM-UML provides the following benefits:

  • The time, cost and complexity of producing and maintaining information exchanges is significantly reduced
  • Logical information sharing models are transformed into NIEM compliant XML exchange specifications using Model Driven Architecture (MDA)
  • Automatically creates standard Model Package Descriptions (MPD) including Information Exchange Package Descriptions (IEPD) with all catalogs and required artifacts
  • Core and 15 domain-specific information models are provided and available to be reused for specific exchange purposes
  • Business stakeholders are able to engage in defining their information sharing needs using business-friendly UML models instead of implementation technologies

Read more about Cameo NIEM-UML 17.0.2
Download Cameo NIEM-UML 17.0.2

No Magic Inc. is pleased to announce the release of MagicDraw 17.0 SP6 and Cameo Enterprise Architecture 17.0 SP6. This release improves integration with Teamwork Server and features enhancements in the following areas: Performance, Diagramming, CORBA IDL code engineering, Auto update, Eclipse integration, and other.

Find more information about MagicDraw 17.0 SP6

Download MagicDraw 17.0 SP6 today
Find more information about Cameo Enterprise Architecture 17.0 SP6
Download Cameo Enterprise Architecture 17.0 SP6 today

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