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As part of our integration into Dassault Systèmes (DS), we are announcing our plans to retire No Magic‘s web-based customer portal (known as OSS) in the upcoming months. Our goal is to gradually transition you into the standard DS environment and continue to support you using DS information systems.

No Magic Portal to Dassault PortalAs you know, our modeling tools (and some standalone products) contain a set of features that depend on an active internet connection and require direct access to No Magic servers. To ensure continuity of service for our customers and address this challenge, we have developed special service pack(s) for the following version(s) of our modeling tools:

  • 18.0
  • 18.5
  • 19.0

These supported versions will require service packs that remove our software’s dependency on No Magic servers and discontinue all features requiring external network access. For the mentioned versions, the new service packs include:

  • 18.0 SP7
  • 18.5 SP4
  • 19.0 SP4

Application of these service packs is critical for users with Seat and Mobile licensing. Without the deployed service pack, a modeling tool may stop working when our legacy systems will be taken offline after a transitional period, currently targeted for January 15, 2021. Users of floating licenses are minimally impacted but may experience error messages if they fail to upgrade. Please see the link below for more details.

If you are not currently on one of the supported versions, you should upgrade to a supported version prior to installing the service pack. For example, if you currently use version 18.2, you should upgrade to 18.5 or 19.0, first. In order to address questions or issues that may arise after deploying this service pack(s), we are rolling out access in a phased manner. You will receive an additional communication in the next few weeks when access is granted, at which point you can log in using your No Magic profile and download the necessary files.

To better prepare for the transition, please review the following link:
Licensing and other changes in 18.0 SP7, 18.5 SP4, and 19.0 SP4

Should you have any questions in advance of this transition, please contact your assigned No Magic sales executive. For any questions regarding the application of the service pack, please contact No Magic support.

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No Magic Inc. is pleased to announce the release of 19.0 Service Pack 3 (SP3) of our main products and plugins.

We are pleased to present the latest version 19.0 Service Pack 3 (SP3) of MagicDraw, Cameo Systems Modeler, Cameo Enterprise Architecture, Teamwork Cloud, Cameo Collaborator for Teamwork Cloud, Cameo Simulation Toolkit, including Cameo Concept Modeler and other plugins.

The SP3 release brings significant improvements to existing features, fixes bugs detected in previous versions, and, most importantly, adds new capabilities to improve usability and the overall modeling experience.

MagicDraw comes packed with many new exciting features and enhancements:

  • Product Line Engineering has been significantly extended by implementing the Model-Based Product Line Engineering capability. In addition to integration with PLE tools (Big Lever Gears and Pure Systems pure::variants), it is now possible to perform PLE in MagicDraw independent of third-party products.
  • We are excited to introduce the brand new ISO 26262 Functional Safety Plugin, which tightly integrates functional safety with MBSE (requires SysML plugin or Cameo Systems Modeler). It supports the ISO 26262 standard, which is the adaptation of IEC 61508 to comply with the needs specific to the application of Electric & Electronic (E/E) systems within road vehicles. The plugin provides end-users with the means to perform hazard analysis and risk assessment:
  • Define Malfunctioning Behaviors for each Function
  • Specify Operational Condition library
  • Define Operational Situations as a combination of Conditions
  • Combine Malfunctioning Behaviors with Operational Situations to define Accident Scenarios
  • Specify the library of Hazards
  • Define System Level and Vehicle Level Effects
  • Combine Hazards, Effects, and Accident Scenarios into a Hazardous Events

The plugin also provides the ability to define functional safety concepts (safety requirements and perform ASIL decomposition), as well as generate safety reports.

  • Custom Hierarchy in Tables allows users to customize how elements are displayed in their tables.
  • The Suspect Links was extended to enable users to keep track of changes applied to selected model elements at the chosen end of the specified relationships.

Collaborative modeling capabilities were extended with the main focus on work efficiency and agile modeling. In particular, 19.0 SP3 brings the Lock-Free model editing mode that allows teams to work on the same model without using element locks. Additionally, the Disconnected Team Collaboration feature now has a dedicated UI and a set of smart rules that aid in decision making when updating server projects from locally exported ones. As with every release, various improvements have been made to enhance usability in Merge, Change Sets, Hidden Packages and other collaboration-oriented features.

Cameo Systems Modeler is now able to export SysML models and diagrams to Simulink, Stateflow, S-functions, Simscape, and Modelica.

Simulink and FMU models can be imported or updated using a new import dialog with optional ports and property selection.

Contextual Relationships have undergone major enhancements as well. Users can now create and keep contextual relationships up-to-date in diagrams and matrices more easily.

Other noteworthy features include flows, ports, and instances management enhancements, structural text copy/paste as nested structures in IBD and more.

Cameo Enterprise Architecture comes with a new Resources to Capability mapping matrix, improved BPMN compliance support, and a convenient way to create Process Flow diagrams from a defined Process composition. Furthermore, switching between enterprise architecture perspectives have been enhanced. Also, a number of Gantt Chart improvements were implemented, such as highlighting the Capabilities when their Sub Capabilities are removed, creating Legends, and some usability improvements. This release introduces new features, as well as fixes of major issues.

Cameo Concept Modeler 19.0 SP3 offers new capabilities, a new sample, and a number of model understandability, usability, OWL import/export improvements, as well as bug fixes.

The latest Teamwork Cloud release presents major enhancements to TWCloud Admin console search effectiveness and general application usability. The caching mechanism has been improved, so the Resource and User search will always deliver fresh and up-to-date results. In addition, the user experience reaches new levels with the introduction of a full-screen view in Users and Roles management apps, an explicit listing of inherited roles via User Groups, and data sorting capabilities across multiple apps.

Cameo Collaborator for Teamwork Cloud brings multiple improvements as well. The model editing feature allows you to edit a larger variety of tags and slots, as well as reorder the values of multi-value properties. Creating graphical comments in Cameo Collaborator is now easier as well. Also, you can navigate between graphical comments in the modeling tool and the comments panel. In the Resources app, the improved search capability will allow you to find Cameo Collaborator documents and Teamwork Cloud projects much more quickly.

Cameo Simulation Toolkit comes with a new Trade Study modeling pattern and engine which automatically evaluates all permutations of parametric and design alternatives from model or Excel spreadsheets and finds the single best configuration that satisfies all requirements and scores the best overall value. 

CST also adds a capability to co-simulate Simulink models imported and represented as blackbox <<SimulinkBlocks>>.

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No Magic Inc. is pleased to announce the release of 19.0 Service Pack 2 (SP2) of our main products and plugins.

No Magic Inc. is proud to announce the 19.0 Service Pack 2 (SP2) release of world-renowned modeling tools MagicDraw, Cameo Systems Modeler, Cameo Enterprise Architecture, Teamwork Cloud, Cameo Collaborator for Teamwork Cloud, Cameo Simulation Toolkit, and accompanying plugins.

The new release adds many new capabilities and improvements to existing features which enhance the modeling experience for desktop client users. Some of the top features include:

  • The ability to host resources and plugins (built by the customer or No Magic) on company premises, so that upgrades of the desktop client resources/plugins can be managed in a controlled environment.
  • The ability to customize Matrices by specifying criterion for building a custom hierarchy in rows and columns.
  • The implementation of new Predefined Metric suites for SysML and MagicGrid.
  • The ability to reuse existing validation rules to calculate metrics, and track their progress over time.
  • The ability to configure permanent icons on symbols which easily allows navigation to diagrams.
  • The ability to create relations by simply selecting the desired ends in their exact locations, whether it is a Model Browser, a diagram pane, table, relation map, or a dependency matrix.

Collaborative modeling capabilities are now enriched with usability improvements and new sophisticated features. In particular, Merge UI now both simplifies and adds flexibility to the decision-making process. In addition, a new groundbreaking Used Project Update Impact Analysis feature now exists that provides early change insights when dealing with project composition in daily configuration management-related tasks.

Cameo Systems Modeler 19.0 SP2 has undergone significant improvements as well. They include new predefined Metric Suites for SysML and MagicGrid, as well as the ability to create Item Flows in two different modes (Direct and Between Part Types). Also included is the implementation of new Select In Structure Tree and Open In New Structure Tree commands.

Cameo Enterprise Architecture has also been updated in the latest release with not only known bugs being fixed, but also comes packed with usability improvements, including the implementation of new diagrams in the NAF 4.0 and UAF frameworks.

The latest Teamwork Cloud release brings significant TWCloud Admin user experience improvements, including, LDAP handling, secure OAuth 1.0a credential management. In addition, the Teamwork Cloud's stability in clustered environments is improved.
Our Data Manager tool has been incorporated with features aimed at disaster recovery, like administrator’s password reset and deleted project restore.

Cameo Collaborator for Teamwork Cloud comes with significant enhancements as well. It is now possible to edit a model directly in the Cameo Collaborator document and access the detailed document information. In addition, the Comments Panel has been improved in the modeling tool for more effective teamwork and communication.

Cameo Simulation Toolkit further enhances Matlab integration, plotting capabilities, execution of “dummy” activity diagrams, and timing. It also now has the capability of “excluded” elements (to control instantiation scope or disable unwanted parts of the model), showing requirement failure periods in plots, and the ability to run instances with any selected config in tables.

Simulink and Modelica Transformation Plugin implements a brand-new OMG SysPhS (SysML Extension for Physical Interaction and Signal Flow Simulation) standard that defines the SysML language concepts mapping into the most popular simulation environments - Simulink, Stateflow, Simscape, and Modelica. It also adds new “Export to Simulink” and “Export to Modelica” tools into the Block shortcut menu, and supports both “black-box” block definition and/or fully executable implementation one-way export (including differential equations for continuous behavior and state machines for discrete behavior).

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No Magic Inc. is pleased to announce the release of 19.0 Service Pack 1 (SP1) of our main products and plugins.

This 19.0 SP1 release brings new major capabilities to the desktop client such as: complete diagrams, Composite Structure Diagram/Internal Block Diagram-based layout templates, vertical labels, and enhanced Sequence diagram modeling with execution specifications.

One of the major changes in Teamwork Cloud 19.0 SP1 is a “next generation” admin console which brings multiple usability and functionality improvements.

Collaborative modeling is enriched with numerous exciting features including, but not limited to: pre-commit validation, update-free locking, archived branches etc. Moreover, a command line utility for switching used projects to latest version is introduced.

Cameo Collaborator for Teamwork Cloud 19.0 SP1 has been enhanced with the ability to view and address comments in the desktop client, download files attached to a model directly from the Cameo Collaborator document and receive notifications on new comments.

Cameo Simulation Toolkit now supports fUML 1.2 and fUML 1.3 standard versions, including DataStore and CentralBuffer nodes. Among many other new capabilities, a new command line interface is added for headless batch mode execution and continuous integration/testing. External files (spreadsheets, m-files, fmu and others) can now be attached to the project and shared among other team members via Teamwork Cloud.

The 19.0 SP 1 release of Cameo Enterprise Architecture brings several new features focusing on UAF Framework and UAF Profile support improvements and usability enhancements: Personnel Availability Gantt Chart is implemented, and UJTL Library and DISR libraries have been upgraded.

The 19.0 SP1 release impacts the following products: MagicDraw, Cameo Enterprise Architecture, Cameo Systems Modeler, Teamwork Cloud (TWCloud), Teamwork Server, Cameo Collaborator for Teamwork Cloud, Cameo Business Modeler Plugin, Cameo Requirements Modeler Plugin, Cameo Data Modeler Plugin, SysML Plugin, UPDM2 Plugin and UAF Plugin, Cameo Simulation Toolkit Plugin, Cameo Data Hub Plugin, Cameo Concept Modeler Plugin, and Alf Plugin, and others.

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No Magic Inc. is pleased to announce the 19.0 Long-Term Release (LTR) of MagicDraw®, Cameo® System Modeler, Cameo Enterprise Architecture, Teamwork Cloud, Cameo Collaborator for Teamwork Cloud, and plugins.

This release focuses on support of the latest standards, method support, integrations with other engineering products, cross-version compatibility, enterprise level usability and scalability. 19.0 LTR includes:

  • Support of the latest standard versions. In addition, UML 2.5.1, SysML 1.5, and UAF are supported offering enhanced usability of the ISO 80000 standard implementation.
  • MagicGrid method and templates. Two new project templates which serve as a quick-start for using MagicGrid are available now. MagicGrid is a new MBSE method developed by No Magic, Inc.
    • MagicGrid supports performing problem domain analysis as well as building a solution for logical system design, from stakeholder needs elicitation and capturing to logical system design verification and technical requirements specification for manufacturing. The approach is thoroughly described in the MagicGrid Book of Knowledge, which is available with the purchase of SysML, Cameo Systems Modeler, and Cameo Enterprise Architecture products.
  • Tool integration via OSLC. Beginning with version 19.0, MagicDraw and Teamwork Cloud can consume and provide model data using Open Services for the Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) standard. This extended OSLC support allows the modeling environment to work smoothly in any other OSLC-compatible ecosystems such as IBM Jazz. Users can now easily link between different project lifecycle artifacts residing in different tools and have the ability to see detailed information of linked artifacts without switching from one tool to another. Moreover, Teamwork Cloud provides the flexibility to customize the structure of OSLC UI previews in a model-driven way via functionality of the new Cameo Collaborator. To experience the benefits of this OSLC support, Cameo Data Hub plugin is required.
  • Siemens Teamcenter Integration plugin which complements Teamcenter (Siemens Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software) with UML/SysML modeling capabilities provided by MagicDraw.
  • The Excel/CSV synchronization mechanism, introduced in this version, ensures continuous data exchange between Excel/CSV files and MagicDraw tables.
  • As of 19.0 LTR, service packs (19.0 SP1, SP2, and so on) will include new features while still retaining cross-service pack compatibility. Major versions (19.1, 19.2 and so on) will be compatible with the 19.0 LTR. These capabilities will allow gradual upgrades to newer versions, when only teams that need new features will be upgraded to newer versions without upgrading the Teamwork Cloud server and the entire organization.
  • Cameo Collaborator for Teamwork Cloud 19.0 - a web-based product designed to present models in a simplified form for stakeholders, sponsors, customers, and engineering teams. The new product is built with scalability in mind, making it possible to deploy it both in a single node and a cluster setting. The product works in all form factors (desktop, tablet, and smart phones), making model sharing and reviewing easy.
  • New features added for collaboration using the Teamwork Cloud server: cross-project refactoring, easier management of projects, suspending/resuming of local changes, disconnected team collaboration between isolated servers, hiding packages for controlling what part of the project is visible in other projects, cloning of projects, user groups for bulk access managements and many others.
  • Support of Cassandra 3.11 in the Teamwork Cloud (Cassandra 2.x is no longer supported).


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