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ICONIX Specialized Training – SWISSML™ Modeling Process For Software Intensive Systems

Allen, Texas – No Magic Inc., the leading global provider of integrated modeling, simulation, and analysis services and solutions and ICONIX, the leading provider of branded and customized process training, announced a comprehensive training partnership today.

"We partnered with No Magic because of their strong leadership position in the systems engineering market, and are delighted to be working with them to bring new training and technology to the organizations who can benefit the most," said Doug Rosenberg, President of ICONIX. "This new training will be offered in an affordable, open-enrollment format. No Magic understands that clients achieve success with modeling when education and training complement quality tools such as MagicDraw," said Rosenberg.

"No Magic believes in doing everything possible to make our clients' projects more successful. That is why we partnered with ICONIX for this initiative, a recognized and well-respected process innovator. With the significant growth of SysML in both the commercial and Federal spaces, we wanted to make this dynamic new technology available to our customers," said Gary Duncanson, President and CEO of No Magic.

ICONIX has developed a unified process for modeling and testing software-intensive systems using a combination of SysML, UML and automatic test case generation, which the company refers to as SWISSML.

"It's our belief that a unified process spanning both systems and software engineering is essential in today's world of software-intensive systems," said Hunter Deane, ICONIX VP. "Today, virtually every system is software intensive. SWISSML includes requirements-based design modeling of both hardware and software and the automatic generation in MagicDraw of comprehensive test cases for system validation and verification," he added.

"Our open enrollment course, Modeling Software Intensive Systems with MagicDraw has proven to be an effective way to introduce organizations to the unique capabilities of MagicDraw and the benefits of our new SWISSML process," said Rosenberg. "Therefore, our training partnership will help us reach systems integration companies by offering a series of moderately priced open enrollment training workshops in strategically chosen locations," he said.

Greater Organizational Efficiencies, Faster Time-to-Market, Lower Costs Propelled by Process Integration & Optimization with the E2E Bridge

Allen, Texas and Basel, Switzerland – No Magic Inc., the leading global provider of integrated modeling, simulation, and analysis services and solutions and E2E Technologies, provider of the process-oriented Business Middleware E2E Bridge, announced an expansion to their partnership today. No Magic's MagicDraw and BPMN solution, Cameo Business Modeler are integral components of the E2E Bridge platform. No Magic, Inc. will introduce the ISO-certified software platform, the Cameo E2E Bridge to the North American market beginning April, 2013. The close collaboration between both companies will help joint customers achieve faster, more efficient and far less costly business process integration to improve time-to-market and reduce operating costs. This integration approach delivers a significant annual return-on-investment to any organization that has annual software IT budget of $2 million or more.

e2e bridge logo"The E2E Bridge allows organizations to model their end-to-end process integration in a way that technical and non-technical individuals can collaborate effectively throughout the entire business improvement cycle," said Pete Ianace, No Magic's V.P., Commercial Sales. "By directly executing these integrated process models, Cameo E2E gives organizations for the first time a middleware that acts as a "single source of truth" for process owners, software developers and IT. That's simply unbeatable! It means: when you're done with the system architecture model – you're done," said Ianace.

"Customer successes in Europe have impressively shown that savings in both cost and time are off-the-charts when using such a process-oriented Business Middleware approach as opposed to conventional application integration," said Gary Duncanson, President and CEO of No Magic. "We are delighted to partner with E2E and use the combined strength of both companies' products to fill an urgent need in the North American market. With the number of mergers and acquisitions at an all time high, this solution is critical to lowering integration costs up to 90%, versus traditional approaches," added Mr. Duncanson.

"No Magic and E2E have for many years shared the same vision, that modeling as a common language brings business and IT permanently to the same table. The close integration of both companies' products truly unleashes the power of interdisciplinary collaboration," said Stephan Prinzkosky, Head of Global Sales for E2E. "We're excited to expand our close business relationship with No Magic, which we've celebrated on a daily basis for more than twelve years. We are taking the business values of both companies to the next level to bring an integrated solution for rapid process optimization to North American organizations."

Purdue-Calumet Dedicates New Lab; Brothers Donate Cutting-Edge Software

purdue alum gary duncanson
No Magic President and CEO Gary Duncanson talks to guests at the opening of the Duncanson/No Magic Modeling, Simulation and Analysis Computer Information Technology and Graphics Laboratory at Purdue Calumet. The Lab is in Hammond, Indiana - hometown of Paul and Gary Duncanson. "We are humbled and honored and our parents would be so proud," Gary said at the lab dedication.
purdue alum paul duncanson
No Magic Founder Paul Duncanson talks shop with students at the dedication of the Duncanson/No Magic Modeling, Simulation and Analysis Computer Information Technology and Graphics Laboratory. No Magic plans to bring in interns from Purdue Calumet to its headquarters in Allen, Texas for "hands on" training.
purdue alum gary duncanson presentation
No Magic President and CEO Gary Duncanson discusses software technology with students and faculty and the brand new Duncanson/No Magic Modeling, Simulation and Analysis Computer Information Technology and Graphics Laboratory at Purdue-Calumet.
purdue alum classroom
Students and faculty enjoy the new Duncanson/No Magic Modeling, Simulation and Analysis Computer Information Technology and Graphics Laboratory at Purdue Calumet. No Magic Founder Paul Duncanson is a 1974 alum of the school. No Magic President and CEO Gary Duncanson attended Purdue Calumet and graduated from Purdue's West Lafayette Campus.

Hammond, Ind. – Paul and Gary Duncanson know their way around Hammond pretty well. Their Dad, Paul, was a well-known businessman who also served on the city council for 24 years. The Duncanson family owned a number of well-known businesses around town including: Paul's Drive-In, White Hen Pantry, AAA-1 Air Conditioning, Mary Duncanson's Import & Apparel and Back-Door Electronics. Paul and Gary worked in the family businesses as kids before attending college at Purdue-Calumet and Purdue West Lafayette.

Now, the Duncansons have received the ultimate honor as hometown heroes: March 4th, Purdue-Calumet dedicated the Duncanson/No Magic Modeling, Simulation, Analysis Computer Information Technology and Graphics Laboratory.

In addition, Allen, Texas based No Magic donated cutting-edge software to students majoring in computer science, information technology and engineering.

Not bad for a feisty pair known around the Purdue campus as the "brothers D" as coined by one of their professors, Dr. Dan Hendricks.

"We are humbled because we grew up here, and so many friends and family are still here," President and CEO Gary Duncanson said. "We know the future of our great country rests with our students and future engineers. Every day, our company works with engineers—at Fortune 500 companies, at the Pentagon, at NASA and elsewhere. We look forward to fellow, future Purdue alumni working with us on big, important projects."

"The generous donation of this software and funding support provided by the Duncansons and No Magic brings leading edge development solutions to our students," said Professor Charles Winer, of Purdue Calumet's Department of Computer Information Technology Center. "We are extremely proud and appreciative of this gesture and the opportunity it provides to teach our students a way to be more productive in how they design, develop and implement systems using the Model-Based Systems engineering approach of No Magic."

Following the lab dedication, Gary Duncanson demonstrated No Magic's Cameo Suite of software, which includes the award-winning MagicDraw modeling solution. No Magic's software technology is respected worldwide within the I.T. industry and used by major corporations and government organizations for advance modeling, simulation and analysis solutions.

"This is a great honor for the entire Duncanson family, and rest assured we will continue to be active and involved with the university and lab in the future," Paul Duncanson said. "It's important that our students be ready for the global economy, and technology is leading the way in that preparation."

No Magic plans to bring Purdue Calumet interns to its global headquarters in Texas to further their instruction in the company's Cameo Suite and gain "real world" experience. More than 275 undergraduate and graduate students are enrolled in Purdue Calumet's computer information technology and computer graphics technology programs.

"Students who gain the knowledge of developing systems using the Cameo and MagicDraw solutions will better position themselves to find employment locally as they will be more productive in implementing business and software engineering solutions," Professor Winer added. "These No Magic development solutions will prepare our students for employment in this rapidly growing method of system development."

Paul Duncanson is a 1974 alumnus of Purdue Calumet and founder of No Magic. Brother, Gary Duncanson, graduated from Purdue's West Lafayette campus in 1985 after attending Purdue Calumet.

"Best of the Best" Recognized at Annual No Magic World Conference

no magic honors winners of cameo awardsNo Magic honored technology leaders at its Cameo Awards ceremony
(Left to right): Steve Mitchell (Lockheed Martin), Gary Duncanson (No Magic),
John Zachman (Zachman International), Chris Delp (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)

Allen, Texas - No Magic Inc., the leading global provider of integrated modeling, simulation, and analysis services and solutions, honored a dozen major technology companies at its Cameo Awards presentation. The Cameo Awards recognize companies which have demonstrated technical innovation as well as measureable success using No Magic's Cameo Suite of applications. The awards ceremony was part of the annual No Magic World Conference held in Allen, Texas.

"We are honoring the 'best of the best' and showing the world that modeling, simulation and analysis are essential to success in today's global economy," said Gary Duncanson, President and CEO of No Magic, Inc. "Those receiving the Cameo Awards represent world-class organizations making major innovations in defense, banking, insurance and government technologies that taxpayers and consumers will see in the future."

Best Use of MBSE/SysML With Cameo Suite, Commercial, 2012
  Winner: Chris Delp, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Best Use of MBSE/SysML With Cameo Suite, Federal, 2012
  Winner: Steve Mitchell, Lockheed Martin

Most Creative Use of UML/BPMN With MagicDraw, 2012
  Winner: Monte Porter, Computer Sciences Corporation

Project of the Year in UPDM/Enterprise Architecture, Federal, 2012
  Winner: Mostafa Hanif, CACI

Project of the Year With Cameo Inter-Op 2012
  Winner: Shane McCullough, ACORD

Project of the Year in UPDM/Enterprise Architecture, Commercial, 2012
  Winner: Tony Fragnito, XBRL International

Most Influential Technology Partner, 2012
  Winner: Tom Capelle, Sodius

Best Extension to Cameo Suite, Federal, 2012
  Winner: Cory Casanave, Model Driven Solutions

Industry Impact: MagicDraw Extension With Greatest Industry Impact, 2012
  Winner: Grant Soremekun, Phoenix Integration

Best Extension to Cameo Suite, Commercial, 2012
  Winner: Dr. Dirk Zwemer, InterCAX

Company/Individual Most Responsible for Improving the State of the Practice of MS&A, 2012
  Winner: David Hay, Essential Strategies

Allen, Texas - No Magic Inc., the leading global provider of integrated modeling, simulation, and analysis services and solutions, launched its World Conference today to an audience of business executives all asking the same question: "How can modeling and simulating my business activities save me money in this uncertain global economy?" The sold-out conference runs through February 20th.

"Every major business is looking to become more efficient and profitable, and if the CEO isn't looking at it, the Board of Directors should be asking, 'Why not?," says Gary Duncanson, CEO of No Magic, Inc. and host of the World Conference. "Nobody can predict the future, especially in this uncertain economy. But with the ability to model future scenarios, realize gaps in your systems, then plug those gaps with better standards-based technology, your enterprise finds a clear direction and better probability for success. And as entire industries become standards-based, it becomes easier to collaborate with your clients and partners."

The conference will be headlined by industry leaders Dr. John Zachman (Zachman International), Dr. Richard Soley (OMG, Inc.), Steve Durbin (Information Security Forum Limited) and feature industry experts in more than 60 sessions. Former Navy Seal Clint Bruce, President of Trident Response Group, will also discuss counter-terrorism, intelligence solutions in the private sector and security vulnerabilities for public companies. Presentations will focus on UML modeling, enterprise architecture, systems engineering modeling language, ontology and business-specific sessions for the "C" level executive.

This year, the hot topics include modeling and simulation of crisis management events, standards in cloud computing, cyber-security and "Big Data." Standards -- specifically, standards-based interoperability -- enable two or more industries or industry segments to interact with each other to provide a customer desired and complete solution, and as a result, growing and benefiting each of the industries.

Top technology sponsors include Sodius, SNR Denton, Cyber Defense Labs, International Institute of Business Analysis, Nomos Software, Phoenix Integration, Model Driven Solutions, OMG and XBRL. The Allen Economic Development Corporation of Allen, Texas is also sponsoring the event. No Magic's global headquarters is located in Allen, 23 miles north of downtown Dallas.

For more information on the conference:

No Magic Showcases Crisis Preparedness Solutions and Services at National Forum on Public Safety and Criminal Justice

Crisis Planning Can Save Lives, Protect Public, Link Law Enforcement

video crisis management planningAllen, Texas (July 27, 2012) No Magic Inc., the leading global provider of modeling, simulation and analysis solutions announced today that it will be presenting its crisis management planning solutions and services at the IJIS National Forum on Public Safety & Criminal Justice Conference.

The conference, beginning tomorrow, converges public safety, law enforcement and homeland security officials from across the United States. At the conference, No Magic will highlight its Cameo Suite crisis management capabilities. Cameo Suite accelerates the ability for crisis planners to visualize and simulate scenarios and optimize responses before a crisis occurs.

“We believe it is critical that public safety leaders model each and every crisis situation they can think of….and even the unthinkable, because that is what often occurs,” says Gary Duncanson, CEO of Allen, Texas-based No Magic. “Our solutions allow emergency planners to visualize the overall complexity of a possible crisis, simulate the crisis, then review the event for gaps in crisis strategy response and planning.”

Read full press release here

Company Continues to Provide No-Charge Software Licensing
For MBSE Challenge Initiative Teams at International Symposium

Allen, TX – July 9, 2012: No Magic, Inc., the leading global provider of integrated modeling, simulation & analysis solutions and services announced that the company will continue to support Model Based System Engineering (MBSE) challenge teams with complimentary No Magic software, supporting the overall INCOSE Challenge Initiative which will take place at the 22nd Annual INCOSE International Symposium in Rome July 9-12, 2012. In addition, No Magic will provide hosting for the teams, providing global collaboration using the company’s Teamwork Server.

The MBSE Initiative is joint effort between the OMG Systems Engineering DSIG and the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE). The initiative is comprised of four challenge teams whose task it is to demonstrate solutions to difficult problems using MBSE. The four challenge teams represented are: Modeling and Simulation Interoperability, Space Systems Modeling, Telescope Modeling and GEOSS Modeling. No Magic has explicitly provided the Space Systems, Telescope and Modeling and Simulation teams with no-charge hosting and software solutions.

Read full press release here

No Magic, Inc. President and CEO Gary Duncanson (right) received the Patriot Award for his hiring and support of military veterans. Congressman Sam Johnson, Third District, Texas (left) presents Duncanson a flag flown over the U.S. Capitol to commemorate the honor.

Allen, TX, January 17, 2012: No Magic, Inc. President and CEO Gary Duncanson was awarded the prestigious Patriot Award, in recognition of his support of the U.S. military and his policies of supporting and hiring veterans for the company. The award is given by the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR), a Defense Department agency, to recognize businesses which practice leadership and implement personnel policies that support employee participation in the National Guard and Reserve.

Read full press release here

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