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ARLINGTON, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE) -- CACI International Inc (NYSE: CACI) and No Magic Corporation recently announced a cooperative agreement to provide comprehensive Enterprise Architecture modeling and simulation services to commercial, government, and defense clients.

We are now announcing the first new development in our relationship. We have integrated CACI's Model-Driven Design and Implementation (MDDI) methodology and SIMPROCESS software with No Magic's Cameo® Suite to provide integrated and executable system architectures.

CACI's innovative MDDI methodology is a standards-based, repeatable process that accelerates the delivery of solutions, and provides client visibility and development agility throughout the entire software development lifecycle. CACI's SIMPROCESS and No Magic's Cameo Suite operate inside this framework. SIMPROCESS is a powerful modeling and simulation tool that allows analysts to examine process alternatives and multiple scenarios using quantifiable metrics. No Magic's Cameo Suite supports the full enterprise application life cycle from business requirements/planning through and including final testing.

This new partnership enables customers to develop standards-compliant business process models within the Cameo Suite, instantly export the models to SIMPROCESS, run simulations, analyze and optimize the business and engineering processes, and export them back into Cameo Suite where the entire architecture still resides with zero loss in fidelity.
This "round tripping" capability between architecture and simulation models enables substantially improved abilities for organizations to define, refine and optimize end-to-end business and engineering processes of all kinds, and do so within a full Enterprise Architecture context, prior to actually implementing the process changes.

CACI SVP Larry Ferguson stated, "The alliance of CACI and No Magic to integrate MDDI, SIMPROCESS, and the Cameo Suite creates a powerful partnership and unparalleled methodology and tools to provide faster, more efficient process improvement and system development from requirements generation to implementation for our clients."

Powerful Integration of No Magic Solutions and DocuTRACER Creates Powerful Security and Risk Mitigation Approach

Allen, Texas and Austin, Texas (January 23, 2014) -- No Magic Inc., the leading global provider of integrated modeling, simulation, and analysis services and solutions and Mach 1 Development, LLC, provider of smart card design, identity management, border control systems, encrypted communications and logistics integrity products and services announced their strategic alliance today.

This alliance offers clients, for the first time, the benefit associated with the integration of No Magic's Cameo Risk Analyzer, encrypted data backup and business middleware - model-driven integration products and services and Cameo NIEM UML for information sharing with Mach 1's DocuTRACER, IN ID and E-SEAL solutions. The close collaboration between the two companies, and the newly formed alliance announced today, results in a combined approach designed to address the broad security needs of the Federal Government including tracking and analyzing digital assets, identifying vulnerabilities and associated risks, and mitigation management from architectural design throughout implementation and deployment.

"This significant alliance opportunity allows us to partner with No Magic, one of the industry's most respected modeling and security thought-leaders," said Paul Greene, CEO of Mach 1. "We are taking the core values of both companies to the next level by bringing unique, highly innovative security/risk mitigation solutions to private and government sectors."

"Both of our companies, are Veteran-Owned small businesses, yet we share in a joint goal of security preparedness and risk-mitigation with a keen customer focus," said Gary Duncanson, President and CEO of No Magic. "We are delighted to partner with Mach 1. With this newly formed collaboration and fit of both company's products, we will meet an identified mission-critical need in the security market. With security being of paramount importance in 2014 and beyond, No Magic's Cameo Risk Analyzer and other products in combination with Mach 1's DocuTRACER, will assist in keeping government enterprises safe," added Mr. Duncanson.

sam johnson
Sam Johnson
U.S. Congressman
Third District of Texas

Plano, TX - U.S. Congressman Sam Johnson (TX-03) announced that former naval officer and author Taylor Baldwin Kiland will serve as special guest and keynote speaker at the 2013 Congressional Veteran Commendation (CVC) ceremony on Saturday, December 14. Johnson launched the CVC to honor local veterans and formally recognize their outstanding wartime sacrifices and peacetime community involvement. Additionally, Johnson announced four new board members and Collin County Judge Keith Self, a 29-year Army veteran and graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, as the new chairman of the board.

Taylor Baldwin Kiland is a former naval officer and management consultant with a large technology and strategy consulting firm in Washington, D.C. She is the author or coauthor of four books, including Open Doors: Vietnam POWs Thirty Years Later. Ms. Kiland's most recent book Lessons From The Hanoi Hilton: Six Characteristics Of High-Performance Teams (Naval Institute Press, 2013) takes a look at American Prisoners of War (POWs) held in the infamous Hanoi Hilton. As a third generation naval officer, Ms. Kiland spent many of her formative years in Coronado, California, a military community that was home to several POWs. She and her parents knew many of their families and she went to school with several of the POWs' kids, which sparked a passionate interest in our nation's longest-held POWs. In addition to speaking, Ms. Kiland will hold a book signing immediately following the ceremony.

As a lawmaker and veteran, Johnson works tirelessly on behalf of U.S. military personnel and veterans. The CVC ceremony is an opportunity to highlight and bring honor to those who have faithfully served our nation. The program runs in conjunction with the Veterans History Project sponsored by the Library of Congress.

Johnson has a selection board that serves as a group of advisors to assist with nominations and the selection of commendation recipients. The board is comprised of impressive individuals dedicated to serving as leaders in their communities and country. Due to the board's term limit and to maintain continuity, Johnson has selected four new board members. Information on each new member, who will serve a four-year term, follows:

Gary Duncanson is president and CEO of No Magic, a veteran-owned software company in Allen, Texas. In 2012, Mr. Duncanson received the prestigious Patriot Award in recognition of his support of the U.S. Military and for hiring veterans. A son of a veteran, Mr. Duncanson has consistently gone above and beyond to support veterans and their families. He also worked for the U.S. Military in the Naval Warfare Assessment Center and currently works with the Department of Defense.

Cary Israel is president of Collin County Community College District, a multi-campus operation serving more than 53,000 students annually. Under Mr. Israel's leadership, veteran services have grown substantially by offering veteran-centered courses to help service members complete their education. Additionally, Collin College has been named among the nation's "Top Military-Friendly Colleges and Universities" and has a highly active Student Veterans of America chapter that focuses on assisting veterans' transition from military life to academic life.

Darcy Anderson serves as the vice chairman of Hillwood Management. Mr. Anderson graduated from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point in 1978. He completed five years of active duty in the U.S. Army, serving in various capacities with combat units of the U.S. Corps of Engineers. Additionally, Mr. Anderson currently serves on the Board of Directors of West Point's Association of Graduates and Director of the West Point Society of North Texas.

Fritz Mowery is president and Chief Investment Office of Mowery Capital Management, a fee-based registered investment advisory and consulting firm based in McKinney, Texas. Mr. Mowery is also a member of the McKinney Airport Board and a staunch advocate for teaching students about aviation. He even started the McKinney ISD Aviation Academy, the only school program in Texas designed to motivate and prepare students to earn their pilot license or technician certification. Mr. Mowery served in the U.S. Marine Corps.

All Board members will be present at the December 14 ceremony to assist in announcing the commendation recipients. In addition, an in-depth interview of each honoree may be conducted and sent to the Veterans History Project to be added to the Library of Congress collection .

Powerful Integration of MagicDraw and KDM Blade Creates Cameo Risk Analyzer - Breakthrough DoDAF Risk Management Solution

Allen, Texas and Washington, D.C. (January 23, 2014) -- No Magic Inc., the leading global provider of integrated modeling, simulation, and analysis services and solutions and KDM Analytics, provider of standards-based security assurance products and services announced their partnership today with the launch of the Cameo Risk Analyzer.

This strategic partnership offers clients, for the first time, the benefit associated with the seamless integration of MagicDraw with KDM Blade (Cameo Risk Analyzer) to create a unique Department of Defense Architectural Framework (DoDAF) risk management solution. The close collaboration between the two companies results in a solution that automates detection of security vulnerabilities and associated risks, and mitigation management from architectural design (DoDAF models) throughout its implementation and deployment. Key high-level benefits of the Cameo Risk Analyzer solution include security assurance transparency, traceability and automation.

"It is great to be able to team up with a company as successful as No Magic to develop such a comprehensive solution," said Djenana Campara, CEO KDM Analytics. "What is even more exciting are the benefits to clients in the cyber security space that this partnership will provide, by creating this powerful DoDAF risk management solution," added Ms. Campara.

"Security and savings are significant when customers apply the new Cameo Risk Analyzer in place of conventional risk mitigation," said Gary Duncanson, President and CEO of No Magic. "We are delighted to partner with KDM Analytics and use the combined strength of both company's products to fill an urgent need in the security market. With cyber security being of paramount importance in 2014 and beyond, the Cameo Risk Analyzer solution is critical to lowering the time and cost associated with keeping government enterprises safe. Also, the ability to implement risk analysis at the architecture level, and the ability to analyze the code from the bottom up, provides a unique solution not found in any other single product in this market," added Mr. Duncanson.

"We're excited to expand our close business relationship with No Magic," commented Djenana Campara. "We are taking the business values of both companies to the next level by bringing a breakthrough security/risk mitigation solution to global IT organizations."

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