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No Magic Adds New Features and Functionality to Cameo Concept Modeler With Service Pack 2 Release

CCM SP2 Plugin Enhances Collaboration and Productivity – Users Easily Model Concepts Via Simplified Ontology Approach

Allen, Texas November 30, 2015 – No Magic, the leading global provider of integrated modeling, simulation and analysis services and solutions announced today the release of CameConcept Modeler Plugin (CCM) 18.0 Service Pack 2.

This service pack, offering numerous enhancements, continues No Magic's tradition of delivering rapid and timely software updates to users. Since the product's initial release September, 2015, CameConcept Modeler continues to receive industry accolades by providing a user-friendly bridge between modeling and ontology, giving users a means to quickly and easily model concepts without extensive training in formal description logic.

"We listen to customer feedback from enterprise and system architects, ontologists, analysts, knowledge engineers, modelers and subject matter experts and work to include as many feature requests in our service packs as possible,” said Enrique Krajmalnik, No Magic’s CTO. “The improved documentation, OWL import and export improvements, natural language glossary and optimized usability found in this CCM Service Pack 2 release are great examples of this," he added.

"CCM is a different breed of modeling tool for these users," Krajmalnik said. "It takes the power and ease-of-use of our award-winning MagicDraw® platform and extends it to solve business vocabulary problems, especially prevalent now, due to the shortage of trained ontologists.”

With CameConcept Modeler, modelers can create meaningful model elements with a single keystroke. This enables users to focus on the iterative process of developing and analyzing models.

The CameConcept Modeler Service Pack 2 offers these new enhancements and user benefits making the development process even easier:

  • Documentation:
    • Documents how to generate a natural-language glossary from one or more concept models
    • Documents the improvements shown below:
  • OWL import and export improvements:
    • Import from OWL and export tOWL supports the JSON-LD format
    • Import from OWL supports arbitrary annotation properties
    • Export tOWL creates an OWL annotation when it finds a UML comment stereotyped as an «Annotation», having a tagged value pointing tan annotation property, and anchored ta UML class or property
  • Natural Language Glossary:
    • Superclass and property types now hyperlink to their head word
  • Usability improvements:
    • Importing from OWL creates shorter package names, unless there is a name collision
    • A new diagram menu item selects a redefined or subsetted property in the containment tree
    • A new diagram menu item selects a redefined or subsetted property in any one of the diagrams that show it
    • Glossary generation options are now turned off by default for new projects
    • A new containment tree menu item creates or rebuilds a glossary according to the currently set glossary creation project options
    • An anonymous union superclass forces subordinate generalization sets to always be {complete}
    • A UML package stereotyped as «ConceptModel» always unhides the "URI" metaproperty to make it easier to set its base URI

With CCM SP2, users also receive AutoStyler 18.0 SP2, a no-charge, highly useful CCM plugin that allows modelers the ability to easily manage the styles of any kind of model diagram in MagicDraw. SP2 enhancements to AutoStyler include:

  • Menu items for setting the defining diagram and repairing styles are now enabled when Generalization Sets, Trees, and Properties are among the elements selected on a diagram
  • Styles can now be repaired for Generalization Sets, Trees, and Properties
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