Released on: January 15, 2015

New Enterprise Architecture Portal for Sharing Projects

Publish your project as interactive web portal and share it with stakeholders, including even those incapable of reading models in MagicDraw! The published web portal eliminates less needed elements from the model tree and proposes the most relevant views of enterprise architecture project, such as capability / strategic, operational, systems, services, standards, projects. This allows you to discover your project in a user-friendly and easily browsable environment.

Use quick search to find elements and diagrams for viewing their custom contents and share this information with colleagues.


Publishing the project as a web portal is as easy as generating any report. On the main menu, click Tools > Report Wizard, select DoDAF, MODAF, or NAF Web Report template, and follow the steps of the report wizard. Then place the output in a shared directory or on web server to make it available for colleagues.

NOTE. This is a technology preview of the enterprise architecture portal. Please explore this new portal, experiment with it, and get back to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your feedback and suggestions about possible improvements or features you would like to see. We seek to create as serviceable tool as possible, so we are thankful and very appreciative of your contributions!


Editable Relation Maps

Now with the Relation Map you can do more than just analysis! You can expand your model with new elements or edit the names of the existing ones directly in the relation map. You may also create new elements in UPDM predefined relation maps such as Capability Structural Map, Implementation Map.

Elements you can create depends on the selected Element Type and Relation Criterion.


TIP! To create elements faster and more easily:

  • Select the element and press Insert (Cmd+I for Mac users) to decompose it.
  • Type element name and press Ctrl+Enter to create the element of the same type.

Fixed Issues

You can check the list of publicly available or your own reported issues fixed in version 18.1 FR.

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You may find many more possible solutions for known issues at No Magic Community Forum that is regularly updated with new topics.

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