Release date: 25th February 2013

Service Pack 3 (SP3) for UPDM 2 plugin 17.0.2 LTR (Long-Term Release) includes the following improvements:

  • The issue regarding diagram corruption after applying the matrix stereotype has been fixed.
  • Resource Roles and Parts are now created with the correct Type and Role Kind.
  • The direction of the Organizational Project Relationship has been fixed. All incorrect relationships created with the earlier versions will be identified and you will be able to fix them using a validation solver.
  • The issue regarding incorrect creation of Implementation relationships between Operational Activities and Functions in matrices has been fixed.
  • The Concept Role is now created after dragging the existing Concept Item to the OV-1 diagram.
  • The correct diagram is created when changing the behavior of Operational Activity Action.
  • URL/URI values are no longer missing for Logical Data Model and Entity Item after migrating to UPDM 2.0 specification.

You can check the list of publicly available or your own issues that have been included into UPDM 2 plugin version 17.0.2 LTR SP3 here.
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