New and Noteworthy: SysML plugin 1.1

  • Non-normative extensions are added (SysML specification Annex C) into these diagrams (added into diagram toolbars also):
    • Block Definition Diagram
      • <<domain>>
      • <<subsystem>>
      • <<system>>
      • <<systemContext>>
      • <<external>>


    • Activity Diagram
      • <<effbd>>
    • Requirements Diagram
      • <<extendedRequirement>>
      • <<businessRequirement>>
      • <<usabilityRequirement>>
      • <<functionalRequirement>>
      • <<interfaceRequirement>>
      • <<performanceRequirement>>
      • <<physicalRequirement>>
      • <<designConstraint>>


    • Parametric Diagram
      • <<objectiveFunction>>
      • <<moe>>


  • Model Library for International System of Units (SI) units and dimensions is added (will be loaded with SysML profile by default).
  • BlockProperty can have any type now (e.g. ValueType), not only Block.
  • Instance and Link are added into Block Definition Diagram toolbar.
  • Ability to show measurement units on block properties and slots is added.


  • Ability to group Block Properties into parts, references and values on Block symbol (choose �?Sort by SysML style” mode in symbol properties).


  • Default values compartment for Part is added – simply drag and drop. Instance with slots on Part symbol and it will be assigned as default value for this Part, slots with values will be displayed inside Part symbol.
  • �?context specific” default values for Part can be assigned also – that means the same Part can have different default value in different context Classifier (e.g. inherited part in different subclasses or some deep nested part in different structures).




  • Block Definition diagram and other static diagrams can be created for Block.


  • Ability to drag and drop diagram from browser to any symbol and it becomes active hyperlink on that symbol (works in regular UML diagrams also).
  • 'Hybrid sport utility vehicle' sample model is updated. It contains almost all diagrams that can be found in SysML specification. Sample can be found in /samples/sysml/hybrid sport utility vehicle.mdzip
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