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OMG SysML 1.3 version support

No Magic proudly announces the first on the market implementation of OMG SysML 1.3 specification.

SysML 1.3 is a significant evolutionary step of the SysML language, and introduces new interface modeling concepts, like InterfaceBlock, Full, and Proxy ports to be used as a replacement of FlowSpecifications and FlowPorts (a conversion is supported).

Nested ports widely used by MagicDraw users are finally supported in the SysML language too.

To unleash the power of new SysML 1.3 concepts, numbers of enhancements in IBD diagrams are implemented:

  • An automatic ports layout when the feature Display Ports is used.
  • A new symbol property allowing for showing the port label inside the port box.
  • A dramatically improved layout of the Extract Structure feature.
  • Redefined properties are hidden in most places now.
  • More flexible rules for moving and retyping of nested parts.
  • Many IBD performance improvements.

nested ports example

Automatically displayed nested ports with labels inside

More information about new SysML 1.3 concepts can be found at:

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