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1. Changes in SysML Profile

In order to satisfy requirements and guidelines of OMG Model Interchange Working Group, and to improve XMI interchange among various tools, the following changes of the SysML profiles have been done:

  • "SysML Profile" element is renamed to "SysML".
  • All nested profiles are converted to packages.
  • Requirements Profile is imported into SysML Profile, and is no longer provided as a separate profile file.
  • Standard nsPrefix and nsURI of the SysML profile are used in XMI serialization: xmlns:sysml="".

With the above changes, other SysML tools can recognize the standard SysML profile on XMI import.

2. Requirement Table Improvements

SysML Requirement Table feature has been improved:

  • Custom subtypes of Requirement can be created directly from the table.

  • Any property of any custom subtype of Requirement can be selected to be displayed in separate column.

3. Extract Structure Improvement

Extract Structure feature has been improved:

  • Extract Structure feature is now based on models, not on diagrams like before.
  • Allow refactoring connectors which are not displayed on the diagrams.
  • Allow refactoring connectors which are connected to inherited parts/ports.

4. Traceability Properties and Coverage Analysis Improvement

Updated traceability properties:

  • AllocatedFromElements: Derived from all elements directly and indirectly this element is allocated from.

  • AllocatedToElements: Derived from all elements directly and indirectly this element is allocated to.

Coverage Analysis report

Coverage Analysis section has been separated from Requirement Report, as a new Coverage Analysis report template.

5. SysML Validation Improvements

  • Validations are now working with Standard Edition.
  • Validation rules have been tuned up for better performance.
  • Non-active validation rules for Property-specific Type have been added:
    • PropertySpecificType [1]: A classifier to which the PropertySpecificType stereotype is applied must be referenced as the type of one and only one property.
    • PropertySpecificType [2]: The name of a classifier to which a PropertySpecificType is applied must be missing. The "name" attribute of the NamedElement metaclass must be empty.
    • PropertySpecificType [A]: Classifiers with the PropertySpecificType stereotype are owned by the block which owns the property which has the property-specific type.
    • PropertySpecificType [B]: Property which is typed by the PropertySpecificType should be owned by block or subtypes of block.

6. Other Improvements

  • New SysML project dialog: SysML project template is now located under Systems Engineering group.

  • As a part of Report Wizard improvement, SysML report templates have been moved from [md.dir]/plugins/com.nomagic.magicdraw.reportwizard/data/ directory to [user.home]/.magicdraw/[version]/data/reports/ directory. Doing this will allow you to easily import your own report templates when migrating to the newer version of MagicDraw in the future.
  • Bug fixes:
    • FlowPort[4] validation rule has been fixed: a Flow Port, typed by a Flow Specfication with untyped Flow Properties, will no longer be detected as invalid.
    • In a project not using any SysML profile (e.g., creating a new blank project), SysML Editable Matrices can now be created from the main toolbar.
    • With UPDM plugin, Drag a Performer (created in OV-1) from Model Browser and drop it on a Material in an OV-2 diagram will no longer cause any internal error.
    • Creating a Constraint Block in a Block Definition Diagram (BDD) when DoDAF perspective is set will no longer cause any internal error.
    • Remove all invalid element(s) from the Constraint Block suggested solution for ConstraintBlock[A] validation rule has been fixed.
    • Create Allocate dependency suggested solution for AllocateActivityPartition [A] validation rule has been fixed.
    • etc.

SysML 16.9 SP1 New and Noteworthy

1. Improvements

  • The random display of properties in SysML compartment issue has been fixed.
  • SysML compartment converter has been fixed to also convert unloaded SysML diagrams, in order to maintain the diagrams' layout.
  • Requirement-related tags, i.e., RefinedBy and TracedTo, have been fixed to be correctly populated.
  • Parameter synchronization validation suite is not ignored in SysML project template.
  • UPDM elements can be displayed in Structure Browser.
  • Converter for correcting Row / Column Filters for SysML matrices has been fixed.
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