SysML 17.0.1 New and Noteworthy

MagicDraw SysML 17.0.1 features compatibility with UML version 2.4.1, performance enhancements, active validation and diagraming improvements and bugfixes.

SysML 17.0.1 SP1 New and Noteworthy

Issues fixed in the SysML 17.0.1 Service Pack 1 release are as follows:

  • MagicDraw freezing when creating a direct association from a stereotype to the metaclass has been solved.
  • The "SysML Blocks" shortcut menu in the browser is now displayed for Block subtypes too.
  • SysML Requirement and SysML Coverage Analysis report templates are updated.
  • Redefined properties are hidden in the Create Instance dialog now.
  • The smart manipulator menu of SysML Constraint Property now contains an option for creating SysML Constraint Parameter.
  • The smart manipulator menu of Value Property now contains an option for creating Binding Connector.

SysML 17.0.1 SP2 New and Noteworthy

Issues fixed in the SysML 17.0.1 Service Pack 2 release are as follows:

  • The New SYSMOD profile version is now with enhanced variants modeling support (See CarAccessSystem example model).
  • The message box stating that the SYSMOD plugin should be installed will no longer be shown after loading the existing SYSMOD projects.
  • Ports can be moved around shapes in a diagram.
  • The performance of property paths calculation in nested connector ends is improved.
  • The performance of SysML validation after project load has been improved.
  • Redefined properties are now hidden in the Automatic Instantiation dialog.
  • Unnesting requirements and custom columns adding in SysML Requirement Table will no longer throw exceptions.
  • When validating, Constraint Property of which Aggregation Kind is not set to composite will no longer be detected as an invalid Constraint Property.
  • Customization of the Smart Manipulator (the orange button) of particular blocks with a sole option in the menu has been fixed.
  • The « Functional block » stereotype has been removed from the new SYSMOD profile. Projects deploying the « Functional block » stereotype will be automatically updated to be usable.
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