Released on: August 4, 2015

Integration with Cameo Enterprise Data Warehouse

We are proud to offer our users the integration with Cameo Enterprise Data Warehouse (CEDW), a new server for collaborative development and versioned storage of models. CEDW is envisioned and architected to provide significant future improvements in the areas of model-governance, model-analysis, and integration with third-party tools. Learn more

Completely Reworked Model Comparer and Upgraded Merge

Now you can easily track modifications by comparing different project versions, effortlessly review changes in the difference tree, change details panel, and on diagrams, as well as conveniently save everything to your documentation. Learn more

Scrum Project Template

A bundle of MagicDraw project templates was extended with a new item for software engineers, who use the Scrum methodology! In this template you can find brief guidelines and predefined artifacts for all phases of Scrum-based software development process recommended by No Magic. Learn more

Increased Modeling Efficiency

We are pleased to introduce validation and Relation Map enhancements, smarter diagram layout, transparent unconnectable shapes, and many more features that save modeler's time and allow focusing on what to model, but not how to model and keep the result well-formed.  Learn more

Other News

Online documentation
Optimization for high resolution displays
Discontinued compatibilities and dropped integrations
Eclipse UML 2.5 model data export
Open API changes
UML metamodel changes
File format changes

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