Release date: 1st July 2014

With this service pack No Magic, Inc. introduces the ability to write comments on any element or diagram in a Software Engineering Portal report as well as resolves Model Browser refreshing problems together with few other issues found while working with server projects, web portal reports, and tables and matrices.

New Feature: Comments in Software Engineering Portal Report

Now you can provide feedback on any element or diagram while reviewing a Software Engineering Portal (SEP) report of the project. Just select the element/diagram, click the envelope icon envelope, type the comment, and click Send. The author of the element/diagram instantly gets the comment to his/her Atlassian JIRA account, e-mail system, or any other system integrated with the SEP report.

writing comments

Main Fixes of Service Pack

Model Browser

  • Model Browser refreshes immediately after new element creation, and corrupted elements no longer appear in it without reason.
  • The unhandled error no longer appears on editing the EnumerationLiteral name in the Model Browser.


  • Tables and dependency matrices open much more quickly, if compared with MagicDraw 18.0.

Teamwork Server integration

  • The order of ordered elements, such as pins, operation parameters, or attributes, persists after commitment with updates, if these elements have been renamed.
  • A locally saved server project can be successfully committed to the server, after the upgrade of the server.

Web Portal reports

  • Clicking an element inside the package opens the custom content of that element, but not the one of the owning package.

Tables and Dependency Matrices

  • The unhandled error no longer appears, when trying to specify a slot value in the Instance table, if the type of that slot is a classifier.
  • MagicDraw no longer stops responding after you undo the removal of a satisfy relationship.

You can check the list of publicly available issues or your own issues that have been included into MagicDraw 18.0 LTR SP1 here.
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