Released on: December 2, 2015

With this service pack No Magic, Inc. provides an improvement for license activation, as well as resolves approximately 50 issues that occurred in a previous version.

Important: MagicDraw 18.0 SP5 supports the latest Java SE 8 Update 66, which solves stability and performance issues of earlier versions.

New Feature – License Activation Using Multiple MACs

No Magic has improved license activation to support machines with multiple MAC addresses. Now all MAC addresses of the machine are used for activation. If your notebook has a wireless network adapter, the product license remains activated even after you disable or remove the adapter.

Main Issues Fixed in this Service Pack


  • Instance tables cannot handle numerical String values for value properties.
  • In activity diagrams, parameters are synchronized with pins after drawing an object flow between them, changing the defined parameter type to the type of pins.
  • Selecting to remove symbols of actions from a diagram inconsistently deletes some of the corresponding action elements from the model.
  • On OS X, holding down Cmd and double-clicking an activity that contains an activity diagram in the Containment tree does not open the diagram. Likewise, holding down Cmd and double-clicking an element with a hyperlink to any diagram does not open the hyperlinked diagram.
  • An unhandled error appears:
    - After dragging the image from the web browser to the diagram pane.
    - When trying to display related elements.
  • The content of the diagram overview shape is not displayed correctly after pasting it as an EMF image.
  • MagicDraw stops responding after clicking on the search field in the Select Element or Select Scope dialog.
  • An error occurs after creating a Boolean value for a slot in the Specification window of an instance.
  • Sometimes the filter field in the Quick Properties tab becomes inactive.
  • When several trace relationships with the same name, but from different profiles, are used in a model, it is impossible to distinguish between them in the structured expression dialog, as the profile name is not displayed in the operation name.
  • The element number is not displayed before its name after clicking the Show Element Numbers option in the Relation map.

Teamwork Server integration

  • The title bar doesn’t indicate whether the project version is historical and read-only.
  • The Guard property value in the activity diagram is lost after committing it in the Teamwork Server.
  • Some elements of the Teamwork Server projects are locked after MagicDraw migration from 17.0.5 to 18.0.
  • When trying to migrate projects to 18.3 using the Collaborate menu, use case diagrams are not migrated during the first migration, and the process is automatically repeated for the second time.
  • If Teamwork Server is set to allow only a limited number of connections, when users shut connection (e.g. close the browser) without disconnecting the server properly, the system fails to clean up the timed out users, this way the user limit is reached, and new users can't connect to the server.

DSL engine

  • In dependency matrices and relation maps, the Representation Text value of a customized element is not shown in Row/Column Element Type.
  • If the type of a tagged property value is Enumeration, the value cannot be saved in the Find query for gathering the contents of the smart package.
  • In certain projects that use expressions (e.g. dependency matrices, derived property specifications, smart packages), an object initialization error occurs and derived properties are not displayed in the Traceability node of a requirement specification.

OCL engine

  • OCL engine fails to find an attribute if it is accessed via stereotype that has two or more meta classes and these meta classes have two or more common super classes.

Eclipse integration

  • Empty tag values are imported as not empty, when importing models from Eclipse UML2 XMI (all versions).


  • When MagicDraw runs on OS X Mountain Lion, it is impossible to assign any shortcut key combination using the Alt key – after entering the combination, it instantly disappears from the Press new shortcut key field.
  • The performance decreases when:
    – Switching between projects.
    – Exporting a project to an XMI v2.x file for the second time.
  • When MagicDraw runs on OS X El Capitan (version 10.11), it's impossible to switch to full screen or split window modes.

You can check the list of publicly available issues or your own reported issues fixed in MagicDraw 18.0 LTR SP5.
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