Planned release date: 28th October 2013

Cameo Simulation Toolkit 17.0.4 FR (Feature Release) Service Pack 2 (SP2) includes all of the improvements from SP1 and the additional improvements, as follows:

  • Do Activity can now be used with a Composite State without any exception thrown.
  • Calling a Submachine will now use the same context as its parent (State Machine). In addition, the state of the Submachine will be displayed on the context object in the Variables Pane.
  • Using a Create Object Action without any classifier will no longer throw any null pointer exception.
  • You can now use RemoveStructuralFeatureValueAction to remove runtime values of your structural features.
  • Real functions in fUML-Library.mdzip can now be used in your model.
  • Minor fixes of Parametric calculation with Instance Specifications are included.
  • CruiseControl sample has been fixed such that Road Inclination change will now perform correctly.
  • Sequence Diagram Generation has been fixed to 1) perform correctly when the Record Object Path and Ignore lifeline attributes refer to the same property, and 2) exclude the ignored Lifeline(s) correctly.
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