What's new in Cameo Simulation Toolkit 17.0.3 Feature Release (FR)?

Release date: 10th December 2012

For the description of the FR (Feature Release) and LTR (Long-term Release - Gibraltar),
please read the article 
No Magic Introduces New Gibraltar Long-Term Releases.

1. New Features

1.1. SysML Probabilities support
1.2. fUML 1.1 support

2. Parametric Engine Enhancements

3. Improvements

4. Fixed issues (publicly available and reported by you)

1. New Features

1.1. SysML Probabilities support

Cameo Simulation Toolkit extends the edges with probabilities for the likelihood that a value leaving the decision node or object node will traverse an edge as described in the OMG SysML 1.3 specification.


1.2. fUML 1.1 support

Cameo Simulation Toolkit 17.0.3 includes all fixes for the issues identified and solved by the OMG fUML 1.1 Revision Task Force.

2. Parametric Engine Enhancements

The CST parametric engine is redesigned to support automatic triggering and bidirectional solving.

  • When any value is changed at runtime, all pending values are automatically updated
  • Reversing of parameters’ causality is supported when integrated with MATLAB Symbolic Math Toolbox

parameters causality

3. Improvements

  • Documentation of the UI components is visible in a tooltip at runtime.
  • Simulation Project template automatically loads the Simulation profile and includes some initial dummy system structure and execution config.
  • Drop a Classifier, Behavior or InstanceSpecification onto an ExecutionConfiguration for quick execution target assignment.
  • Double clicking on a session node opens the diagram of the currently running behavior.
  • Nested UI configuration preview now displays the full content of the reused UI configuration.
  • Hyperlink to expression is used in the simulation log when an evaluation error appears.
  • Initial state is found even when the Initial node is omitted in Statemachine.
  • CallOperationAction allows for calling provided/required operations on ports now.
  • Signals go from one part to other even without using the ports.
  • ALH.getValue and ALH.setValue supports nested part names when a syntax like “a.b.c” is used.
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