Release date: 8th July 2013

Cameo Simulation Toolkit 17.0.2 LTR (Long Term Release) Service Pack 4 (SP4) includes all of the updates that that have been delivered since SP3 and also contains the following collection of improvements in usability and fixes in simulation of sample projects.

  • Some irregularities in simulation execution, which might cause a few samples of Cameo Simulation Toolkit projects failed to terminate, stopped, or froze, have been resolved.
  • Guards on the outgoing flows from a decision node are now evaluated correctly.
  • The internal calls of Parametric execution are now excluded when generating a sequence diagram.
  • Changing a property's value in the Variables pane will no longer be recorded twice in the Execution log.
  • Values of properties in the Variables pane and in the mockup UI dialog are now constantly in sync.
  • You can only enter either True or False as the value of a Boolean typed property in the Variables pane.
  • The Validation rules have been improved to include the ability to detect any Operations with empty Method (that can cause execution errors).
  • The runtime values can now display correct values in the active elements of StructuralFeature and Call Behavior Action when the multiplicity value is more than one.
  • The Trigger drop-down menu in the Simulation window can now correctly show the signal corresponding to each property selected in the Variables pane.
  • The issues arising from State Machine execution, in which a session would not terminate unless the final node was triggered by a SignalEvent, have been fixed.
  • The issues, which caused a signal in the trigger list must be selected several times before it could be triggered, have been resolved.
  • The issues, which caused exceptions to be thrown when closing any running project in some cases, have been fixed.
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