Released on: August 4, 2015

Full ReqIF Files Interchange Is Now Available

We are very happy to introduce full interchange – import and export – of requirements via ReqIF files. ReqIF is the standard, easiest, and quickest solution for interchanging requirements using different tools. HTML formatting, images and hyperlinks interchange are supported. You can choose to export project elements or specifications. Advanced users can create automated exports and scheduled exports from Teamwork Server projects.

Interchange with Reqtify

Reqtify by Dassault Systems is a requirement interchange, traceability, and impact analysis tool. Reqtify provides an interface to requirement-related information in a wide variety of data formats, document types, and file formats from the Dessault Systems products family, as well as from common ones, such as MS Office files.

For your convenience, we added Reqtify support to the current list of supported ReqIF flavors to interchange with.

Note: ReqIF support in Cameo Requirements Modeler enables requirements interchange between requirements management tools, such as IBM DOORS 9.4, 9.5 and 9.6, IBM DOORS Next Generation, PTC Integrity, Polarion, Siemens Teamcenter, and Dassault Systems Reqtify.

Pre- and Post-processing for Requirements Interchange Through ReqIF

Pre- and post-processing script support for requirements export and import allows basically any kind of requirements modification and enables you to create custom mapping on requirements interchange through ReqIF.

Importing Requirements Without Specifications

The enhanced ReqIF file import allows users to easily import requirements files created with other requirements modeling tools, even when these requirements contain no specifications. This is mostly the case with requirements exported from IBM DOORS Next Generation, which supports export and import of only plain requirements.

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