In Cameo Enterprise Architecture 17.0 Service Pack 6 issues with the Teamwork integration have been fixed.  Also included fixes in the following areas: Performance, Diagramming, CORBA IDL code engineering, Auto update, Eclipse integration, and others.

Teamwork Server Integration

  • The issue that caused elements to disappear from the Teamwork project in some cases after moving the elements to/from a read-write module has been fixed.
  • Properties no longer disappear from the Teamwork project in specific cases when converting associations to attributes.
  • Now it is possible to unlock an Activity which was assigned as the behavior of a State or Transition.
  • A performance issue when locking/unlocking elements in some cases , is now fixed.

Performance Improvement

  • Performance when copying and pasting elements with a large number of owned elements (for example, 500 owned elements) has been highly improved.


  • The issue that caused the Swimlane symbol to be incorrectly represented on a diagram pane in some cases, is fixed now.

Code Engineering

  • CORBA IDL code generation has been improved. Now the CORBA IDL forward declaration is generated only if it is needed.

Auto Update

  • Auto-update is now working after turning on HTTP proxy server and authentication.

Eclipse Integration

  •  Eclipse integration, which was not working in Cameo Enterprise Architecture 17.0 SP4 and SP5, is fixed now.

Other Improvements

  • Validation is now running on Windows 7 OS when the Automatic short file name generation is turned off and when the user login name contains a space character (for example John Smith).
  • Update of Tag Values based on two navigable ends of a single Association now works correctly when editing the Tag Value in the element Specification window > Tags property group.

The merge issue that occurred in some projects which contained a Property that had been converted from an Association property to a Class property has been fixed.

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