Released on: January 15, 2015

Easy Transition from Documents to Models

Good news for modelers, who frequently exchange information with project stakeholders that are not modelers and work exclusively with documents! Information exchange becomes easier and faster, because now you can copy listed texts and tables to your Cameo Enterprise Architecture model directly from documents, web pages, email messages, presentations, or other text sources. Learn more

Projects with File Attachments

Do you use hyperlinks to external files in your project? If so, then you must be familiar with several common issues that are solved in the latest version of MagicDraw. Now you can attach any type of file to your project!  Learn more

Transferring Projects between Consciously Disconnected Environments

Teamwork Servers, which run in consciously disconnected or secured environments, can still exchange projects! MagicDraw Teamwork Server 18.1 supports transferring project data from one Teamwork Server to another by using any external storage device, such as CD, DVD, hard disc, or flash memory device. Learn more

Editable Relation Maps

Now with the Relation Map you can do more than just analysis! You can expand your model with new elements or edit the names of the existing ones directly in the relation mapLearn more

New Enterprise Architecture Portal for Sharing Projects

Publish your project as interactive web portal and share it with stakeholders, including even those incapable of reading models in Cameo Enterprise Architecture! The published web portal eliminates less needed elements from the model tree and proposes the most relevant views of enterprise architecture project, such as capability / strategic, operational, systems, services, standards, projects. This allows you to discover your project in a user-friendly and easily browsable environment. Learn more

Increased Modeling Efficiency

Smarter diagram layout, simplified search options, more efficient synchronization of elements and their properties, traceability enhancements, direction prefixes, rake icon, and many more features save modeler's time and allow focusing on what to model, but not how to model and keep the result well-formed. Learn more

Other News

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