Release date: 23rd October 2013

The summary below lists descriptions of fixes included in the service pack.


  • Cameo Enterprise Architecture can now be successfully started on Mac OS X after autoupdate.

Teamwork Server integration

  • Changes in tags are not lost after saving the project locally, reopening, updating, and committing it to the server.


  • Symbol style is not lost in several special cases after saving the project, then exporting a package as a server module and reopening the main project.
  • The notation of an instance specification is correct, when the instance specification is classified by the association, where end types are either the same classifier or classifiers are in a direct or indirect generalization relationship.

Export to XPDL

  • Business Process diagrams based on UPDM (for example, OV-6c Operational Event-Trace Description (BPD) diagrams), now support the export to XPDL.

OCL expressions

  • An invalid OCL expression does not break down the calculation of valid OCL expressions in the same classifier, when the type of the default value is Opaque Expression with OCL2.0, or when the invalid OCL expression is specified as a derived property expression.
  • Errors do not appear after opening the project that contains the Dependency Matrix with an OCL expression specified as dependency criteria and one of the following conditions is met:
    • diagrams load mode is Load all diagrams or Load active diagrams
    • diagrams load mode is Do not load diagrams and after opening a diagram
    • Dependency Matrix is larger than 1x1
    • Dependency Matrix is 1x1 and active validation with OCL based active validation rules is executed at the same time


  • An internal error no longer appears in several special cases after selecting the Element Numbering command from the shortcut menu of an Actor.


  • The All Views report can be successfully generated from a UPDM project that contains at least one closed GanttChart diagram.
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