Cameo DataHub 17.0.1 New and Noteworthy

Support MagicDraw 17.0.1
Cameo DataHub supports the latest release of MagicDraw 17.0.1, as well as other tools, including Cameo Requirements+, IBM Rational DOORS, and IBM Rational RequisitePro.

Another step of a performance-oriented tune
With an additional tune on the MagicDraw plugin for proliferated efficiency, you can experience better productive DataHub work flows between MagicDraw and other tools.

New Sync button for ease of user
The Sync button makes it easier to synchronize both MagicDraw data located in the Containment Tree and data from other tools in Cameo DataHub Explorer.

Stereotype presentation on the duplicated element types
Cameo DataHub is now equipped with the capability of identifying types of elements based on stereotypes despite the same type of elements. With a variety of stereotypes applied, Cameo DataHub can determine them as different data types, enabling you to map these elements with diverse mapping schema.

Cameo DataHub 17.0.1 SP1 New and Noteworthy

Issues fixed in the Cameo DataHub 17.0.1 Service Pack 1 release are as follows:

  • The problem of the connection of existing DOORS Data Source after upgrading the DOORS application has been solved.
  • The attributes of the Guard element have been displayed in the Properties panel and Schema Map table.
  • Stereotypes of the extended type have been displayed in the Schema Maps Manager and the Export Dialog.
  • The target type has been displayed to the map link.
  • Links' directions have been fixed after the synchronization.
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