Release date: 4th March 2013


Supports MagicDraw 17.0.2, 17.0.3, and Java 7
The capability has been improved to support MagicDraw 17.0.2, 17.0.3, and Java 7.

Export with Scope Sync
Enhancement of the usability of the Export with Scope Sync feature. Mapping the whole set of data that will be exported is no longer needed. Now you can have an alternative to exclude a portion of the data from the scope set at anytime.

Schema Map Manager
The Schema Map Manager can now export the schema mapping for a particular Data Source.

Cameo DataHub 17.0.3 FR (Feature Release) SP1

Release date: 25th March 2013

Resolution of problem causing deletion and recreation of some nodes during synchronization due to changes in the nodes hierarchy

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