Release date: 23th October 2012

Extensive support for MagicDraw and 17.0.2
Cameo DataHub additionally supports the latest release of MagicDraw, as well as other tools, including Cameo Requirements+, IBM Rational DOORS, IBM Rational RequisitePro, and CSV.

Fine tuned to work with Rational DOORS
With a fully enhanced tuning on the Rational DOORS plugin for proliferated efficiency, you can experience noticeably more productive DataHub workflows between Rational DOORS and other tools.

Shared Data Sources among associates
Sharing DataHub work is now possible. DataHub relations as well as the synchronization feature can be further utilized across machines if either MagicDraw Teamwork Project or DOORS Data Source is used for the DataHub operations.

Customized one-way synchronization
DataHub provides another new option that limits the flow of data to be synchronized. This feature makes it possible for synchronization to be performed in one designated specific direction from the source to the target, while the Master data remains unchanged.

Informative DataHub operation log
This newly added mechanism monitors the activities performed by the user. Each completed DataHub operation is saved into the log file including other useful miscellaneous information such as time, action, user name, and node ID involved.

Automatic checks for updates on nodes requiring synchronization
With the smart capability of checking for nodes in need of synchronization, DataHub can now inform the user the number of elements where updates are necessary and facilitate the synchronization of elements to update.

Cameo DataHub 17.0.2 LTR (Long-Term Release) SP1

Release date: 7th January 2013

  • Extensive support for MagicDraw 17.0.2, 17.0.3, and Rational DOORS 9.5.
  • Resolution of compatibility issue with Windows 8 and Java 7 on Mac.
  • Resolution of synchronization problem with blank value enumeration from RequisitePro.
  • Resolution of problem with Sync Status after data migration data from 17.0.1.
  • Provide alert message when selecting a mismatch Data Type for Attribute mapping.
  • Additionally, several other minor issues were addressed.

Cameo DataHub 17.0.2 LTR (Long-Term Release) SP2

Release date: 25th March 2013

  • Resolution of problem causing deletion and recreation of some nodes during synchronization due to changes in the nodes hierarchy
  • Resolution of word-wrapping within diagrams or reports issue.


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