Release date: 14th July 2014

Service Pack 4 (SP4) was released on 18th May 2015
Find out what's new in Cameo Data Modeler Plugin 18.0.1 FR SP4

When transforming UML/ER models to SQL, you can now:

  • Choose various roles to define the names of the transformed elements. For example, you can specify how spaces or special characters among separate words in the element name should be transformed, choose if capital letters or plural should be used in element names after transformation, or detect the camel case edge in element names on transformation.
  • Transform datatypes. During model transformation you can choose either to transform datatypes to structured user defined types or expand datatypes into separate columns at the point of usage.
  • Transform enumerations. When transforming your model, you can choose either to transform the enumeration to check constraints at the point of usage, or to transform enumeration to lookup tables. The latter strategy can handle the more complex enumerations, for example, enumerations having
    their own attributes. Lookup tables are automatically populated with enumeration literal values and INSERT statements are generated during SQL code generation.
  • Override defaults of the base type map in the derived type map. This means that now it is possible to specify a different default mapping rule when one type map imports another type map.
  • Specify rules to exclude unnecessary elements from the transformation source. For example, you can exclude elements with a stereotype «needApproval».
  • Specify a template for FK naming.
  • Switch off the automatic generating of missing PKs. Please note that in this case you need to create PKs manually after model transformation.
  • Convert HTML comments to simple textual comments or even switch off the comment generation.
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