Released on: October 12, 2015

Documentation improvements

  • Documented XML Catalog creation.
  • Documented how to set the URI for a «ConceptModel». (A simplification is planned for this!)

OWL export improvements

  • Anonymous unions (i.e., classes stereotyped with «Union») are now exported to OWL.
  • Navigable opposite properties on an association are now exported as OWL inverse properties.
  • Covering generalization sets now generate covering axioms when exported to OWL.
  • Disjoint generalization sets, including those used in conjunction with anonymous unions, are now exported to OWL. Use Enforce Ports Compatibility mode in the Internal Block Diagram to restrict connections and highlight compatible ports only.

Usability improvements

  • The "Toggle Sufficient" menu option has been changed:
    • "Make property sufficient to classify an instance" will add the {sufficient} constraint.
    • "Make property insufficient to classify an instance" will remove the {sufficient} constraint.
  • A new menu option makes an entire set of subclasses disjoint / overlapping.
  • A new menu option makes an entire set of subclasses complete / incomplete (AKA covering / non-covering).
  • Dragging and dropping one property onto another now also offers to create a subproperty.
  • Removing subproperties and quantifications now requires fewer mouse clicks.
  • Fixed styles in the template used to create new projects:
    • «PropertyHolder»s for the defined elsewhere style are now consistently faded in color.
    • Unstereotyped classes that are defined elsewhere are now as compact as possible.
    • Class diagrams are now autosized.

    Bug fixes

    • Importing an ontology containing owl:withRestrictions no longer fails.
    • Importing an ontology no longer fails when it contains a property without a range.
    • The "Create Concept Model" menu option no longer creates multiple packages with the same name.
    • Keyboard shortcuts now work properly and have unique key assignments
    • The Concept Modeling diagram menu option is now properly disabled for packages that are not stereotyped as «ConceptModel».
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