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In Cameo Business Modeler Plugin 17.0.2 Service Pack 1, the export to BPMN2 XML has been enhanced. It includes fixes in the following areas: diagramming, activity diagram transformation to/from BPMN process diagram, and XPDL export.

You can check the list of publicly available or reported by you tickets that are fixed into Cameo Business Modeler Plugin version 17.0.2 SP1 here.

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BPMN2 XML export

  • Diagram interchange information (BPMN2 DI) export to BPMN2 XML file is supported now.
  • A single BPMN2 XML file is created for each definition package now.
  • The Data Association direction is exported to the BPMN2 XML file correctly.
  • ResourceParameterBinding is exported to BPMN2 XML now.


  • The boundary event name length does no longer affects activity shape size.
  • Task and Event type can be changed from the context menu.
  • Element name can be a number now.
  • The elements list, suggested for BPMN elements by the Convert to command, has been refined.
  • The issue that preventedsome messages from being displayed for choreography in some specific cases has been fixed.
  • The Containment button in the Organization Structure diagram has been moved to the Common toolbar.
  • The Validation rule that in some cases worked incorrectly for a sequence flowoutgoing from a boundary event has been fixed.

Activity Diagram Transformation to/from BPMN Process Diagram Improvements

  • The issue that caused BPMN Process diagram to not be transformed into a UML Activity diagram in some cases has been fixed.
  • The issue that prevented diagram conversion in the same place has been fixed.
  • It is now possible to convert a diagram by selecting the main menu command Tools->Model Transformations.

Other improvements

  • The Issue causing validation errors for sequence flows outgoing from boundary events after BPMN 1.x model import to BPMN2 has been fixed.
  • Issues causing errors that prevented migration from BPMN 1.x to BPMN2 in some specific cases have been fixed.
  • The issue that caused Print commands to not be available for Cameo Business Modeler while using an evaluation license has been fixed.
  • The issue which caused projects containing an organization structure diagram and were created with Cameo Business Modeler 17.0.1 to not be able to be opened with version 17.0.2 has now been fixed.
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