No Magic, Inc. continues to improve the performance, stability, and reliability of Cameo Business Modeler version 17.0.1:

  • 23 issues were fixed in the saving, loading, and importing of local projects.
  • 17 issues were fixed in Cameo Business Modeler integration with MagicDraw Teamwork Server.
  • About 15 issues have been fixed related to Cameo Business Modeler performance.

With regard to server projects, the performance of MagicDraw 17.0.1 between SP1 and SP2 has improved as follows:

  • Opening a project - up to 20%.
  • Adding a project to the server - up to 20%.
  • Updating a project - up to 15%.
  • Committing a project - up to 20%. Note: Project committing to Teamwork Server time depends on the amount of project data.
  • Opening a project from the server - up to 30%.

Improvements in product features and main issues fixed in the Cameo Business Modeler 17.0.1 Service Pack 2 release are as follows:

Performance Improvements

  • Project loading, saving, and importing have been improved.
  • Issues caused by autosave have been found out and resolved. In particular:
    • Cancellation of autosave is safe now.
    • Autosave does not cause project corruption and updating issues.
  • The duplication of model element property issue that caused a model inconsistency has been fixed.
  • The Cameo Business Modeler start-up time has been reduced when a user home folder is redirected to a network drive.
  • Switching to full screen mode is much faster now.

Teamwork Server Integration

  • Teamwork Server now can be used with the SVN 17.0 repository on the Windows operating system.
  • The TrueZIP framework has been integrated into Cameo Business Modeler. It allows for about 25% faster commitment of server projects since TrueZIP works faster with *.zip files.
  • Issues caused by autosave have been found and resolved. In particular:
    • There is no longer any loss of the last server project changes when the project is committed after autosave.
    • A project becomes unlocked after it is closed and committed after autosave. Other users can work with this project as usual.
  • Projects that are saved locally with server information are not allowed to commit back to the server if merging conflicts between the locally saved project version and the project version existing on that server would occur. This situation may occur if, for example, a newer version of the same server project is committed to the server by another user.
  • The issue when a user having no System permissions but just Project permissions could not edit locked elements in an offline project has been fixed. Now locked elements can be edited if a server project is saved as a local one.
  • Users are now warned when update of a server project has failed. Such projects are not allowed to be committed to the server.


  • The size of the collapsed SubProcess no longer changes when a new diagram is created inside the SubProcess.
  • The Event symbol does not change its size and is correctly displayed after moving it.
  • Names of the Task, Subprocess, and Call Activity on shapes are always centered.
  • Packages selected by users can be successfully saved in the Resource Usage Matrix after a project is reopened.
  • Diagrams are now correctly removed and no exceptions appear when several diagrams are selected and deleted from the model at the same time.
  • The default size of the diagram frame now is the same as a diagram visible area.

Other Improvements

  • Business Process Description Report now includes diagrams owned by SubProcesses.
  • Operations can now be created in the BPMN Interface without any exceptions.
  • The licensing issue when Cameo Business Modeler could not start on the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system in the offline mode has been fixed.
  • When saving a diagram as an image, the last entered path of the image file location is saved in the Save As Image dialog irrespective if it was typed or selected in the file browser.
  • UTF-8 character encoding support has been fixed in the *.mdxml file format.
  • Creating new substitutions for private elements is no longer allowed since it can cause model corruption errors.
  • Particular cases concerned with the disappearance of values specified in Project Options have been fixed.
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