Release date: 19th February 2014

With this service pack, NoMagic, Inc., resolves a major problem concerning Cameo Business Modeler 17.0.5 incompatibility with the latest updates of Java 7 for Mac OS X users. To avoid possible Java compatibility problems, we strongly recommend running Cameo Business Modeler with Oracle Java SE 7 Update 25 on Mac OS X Lion, Mountain Lion, and Mavericks! For other operating systems, Java version recommendations do not change.

Visit the JVM list page for recommended Java versions.

You can check the list of publicly available or user reported issues fixed in Cameo Business Modeler version 17.0.5 SP1 here.

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The summary below contains the main fixes included in the service pack.

Teamwork Server integration

  • After enabling the SSL connection, Teamwork Server listens to the single port defined when starting the server.
  • After the project has been purged from recovered elements, the unhandled error no longer appears when committing a project to the server.
  • Changes of the attribute order in a server project now persist after the project was updated during the commitment of these changes.
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