Release date: 4th March 2013

Cameo Business Modeler 17.0.3 FR (Feature Release) Service Pack 1 (SP1) is an update that includes various diagramming, modeling, merge, Teamwork Server integration, and Java related improvements.

With this service pack, NoMagic, Inc. resolves a major problem which is Cameo Business Modeler 17.0.3 incompatibility with the latest updates of both Java 6 and 7. As a result, Cameo Business Modeler 17.0.3 FR SP1 is now compatible with

  • Oracle Java SE 6 Update 41 and Java SE 7 Update 15 on both Windows and  Linux operating systems as well as on both MAC OS X Lion and Mountain Lion operating systems
  • Oracle Java SE 6 Update 41 on both MAC OS X Leopard and Snow Leopard

Important! To avoid possible Java compatibility problems we strictly recommend running Cameo Business Modeler with

  • Oracle Java SE 7 Update 13 on Windows and Linux operating systems
  • Oracle Java SE 6 Update 41 on Mac OS X Lion and Mac OS X Mountain Lion
  • Oracle Java SE 6 Update 26 on Mac OS X Leopard and Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Export to BPMN2 XML

  • Projects that are created from non-BPMN2 Project templates can now be exported to BPMN2 XML files.

Import from XPDL files

  • The issues preventing the import of some XPDL files into Cameo Business Modeler have been fixed.

Diagramming / Modeling

  • Internal errors no longer occur when dragging an image from a diagram pane to a package.
  • The project no longer becomes corrupted after displaying the unloaded diagrams in the overview shape.
  • The .xlsx report from the generic table is now generated successfully.
  • Derived properties with a defined metachain expression can be created for the BPMN element.
  • The derived property value is now shown in the Dependency Matrix and is represented as a dependency.

Java related issues

  • Several Java related issues causing problems, such as Cameo Business Modeler starting up, applying licenses, project loading, have been fixed.


  • Generic table columns are no longer lost when a new project version appears on the server while committing the project.
  • The Print Options dialog is no longer available when no project is opened.
  • An error no longer appears when merging projects with conflicts between a model element and any diagrams depicting that element.
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